Friday, January 31, 2014

Job Wanted; Miracle Needed

At the time I am posting this I am looking for a new job. After 13 years of being in the call center business, I am trying to change vocational directions. 

Over the last 35 years my full time jobs include having worked in an injection molding factory, as a delivery driver and warehouse clerk in auto parts store. I've been a packer in a seasonings blending plant, an inventory clerk at a classic car restoration shop, a medical claims agent, a call center supervisor and trainer, and finally an on-the-phone customer service representative at 2 other call centers. 
At this point in my life I am trying to get an administrative support position. This is going to be difficult to say the least. I believe I have the knowledge and skills that being an administrative assistant requires. I just don't have the formal education for and experience under the title of administrative assistant. When you consider this along with my age, the odds are against me getting the job I'm looking for.  

I realize this but at this point in my life I'm looking to do something that I will enjoy and will challenge me long range. I'd love to find a job that I could keep until I was ready to retire. 

All I can do is apply for jobs, present the positive aspects of my experience and pray for the best. I know there are other things I can do like writing effective cover letters, improving my resume, and be diligent in my search for any and every opportunity. But realistically, I have to admit that it's going to take the hand of God for things to work out the way I want them too. 

I'm trying not get too stressed out about it and doing what I can do. Also I'm praying every day that He will make open the door that's best for me.  

I know the word "miracle" is used much too often these days. But I believe that there are different degrees of miracles. There are those in which God accomplishes what seems to be impossible like curing cancer and such. Then there's the everyday miracles in which God does things that no one else can do like the birth of a child or a sunrise. But there's also the miracles where the people and circumstances involved all have to fall into place for things to happen. That's the kind of "miracle" I need to find the job I want. 

I'd appreciate your prayers for me. I need patience, persistence and faith. I'm must believe with confidence that God will come through for me. He has so many times before.   

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