Saturday, May 23, 2009

Approved and Scheduled

Some of you who are reading this post already know but I had to make sure all my "faithful readers" are up to date. On Thursday, May 21 I found out that my insurance company has approved my weight loss surgery.

Yesterday, Friday May 22, I scheduled my surgery date for July 6. This means my surgery will be exactly 3 weeks from my wife's procedure. Essentially we'll be going through this whole life changing experience at the same time.

So despite the "crisis of faith" I've been going through over the last couple of months God had come through for me, as He always does. He's opened the doors which needed to be opened. Now I just have to walk through and into the place He wants me to be.

Both Paula and I would appreciate your prayers before, during, and well after our surgery dates. Any and all support will be appreciated.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A Special Anniversary

Blogger's Note: I didn't get the chance to post this yesterday but it's something that will always be a watershed moment in my life. I have to tell the story. 

I stood by the angled tilted metallic conveyor belt in the baggage claim area of the Philadelphia International Airport. I was waiting to retrieve some luggage that wasn't even mine. Standing next to me was a very pretty woman. She looked nervous, almost self conscience, as she too stood there waiting to claim her suitcase.

It was the same look I'd seen on her face not 10 minutes earlier while watching as she walked through the doorway coming from the plane. Soon I realized the reason she was so uncomfortable. I was staring at her. I apologized, did my best to control the excitement I was feeling as a result of just standing next to her and pretended to be interested in wondering where the luggage might be.

When the suitcases and the duffel bags began appearing both of us watched for the one we would claim. When she identified the bag that was hers I picked it up and we walked away together.

Our destination was the 3rd level of the parking structure. We exchanged small talk along the way. The silver blue mini van was right where I'd left it about an hour earlier.

I opened the sliding door on the passengers side and gently lifted her suitcase into the middle seat. I unlocked the passenger door and opened it gesturing for my newly arrived companion to get in.

Before she did I looked into her eyes. The spark that reflected back to me was an echo of the overwhelming joy I was feeling at that moment. I moved closer to her and kissed her for the first time.

That was Friday May 14, 1998 and I had just shared a first kiss with the woman who is now my wife. That story happened 11 years ago. While there have been many since; to this day, each kiss reminds me of the one I will never forget: the first one.

While it's not a wedding anniversary or a birthday; the anniversary of our first kiss will always be special to me because of the one with whom I shared it.

Happy "First Kiss" Anniversary, Paula. You will Always and Forever be The Love of My Life.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Good Evening I'm "RH Factor" and here's the news you need to catch up on...

My wife Paula has been given a date for her weight loss surgery. The procedure will be done on Monday June 15. She will be going to Centennial Hospital in Nashville. She would appreciate all your prayers for help and guides as she prepares for and then goes through this life changing experience.

In an effort to help her get into the exercise habit and lose a few pounds like the doctor wants her to before surgery I got her a Nintendo Wii and Wii Fit program. It was my idea because the best way for her to be able to exercise is to have the ability to do it at home. She loves video games and this might be the key to helping her get active again.

As mentioned in the last post a 3rd submission for approval of my WLS surgery has been filed. I haven't heard anything back about it yet but I'm hoping that this time I'll be approved as well.

It's been almost 2 months since I wrote a post about the death of Spike, James' pet lizard. Well in the days since then (very much against my will) James has brought yet another reptile into his room. It's some kind of exotic Egyptian species of lizard that's already grown and is named "Hitler." This guy eats mostly vegetables and doesn't drink water at all. In fact there's not a drop ever put in his cage. I haven't even really taken the time to look at it. I really don't want anything to do with "Hitler." If I ever attempted to pet him or pick him up and he snapped at me I'm afraid I'd tie his tail into little "Knotzies".

Mother's Day & Michael's Day
This past Sunday, May 10, was Mother's Day and, my son, Michael's 28th birthday. The family got together here at our house in the early afternoon for some grilled burgers and some apple cobbler for dessert. James' fiance, Brandi, was here and we celebrated her birthday too.
It was a fun couple of hours but I had to leave and go to work. That was a tough thing for me to do. I really LOVE it when we all get together like that. It brings me great JOY!

Sister-In-Law Now Lives Within Walking Distance.
As of this past Saturday, May 9, my one and only sister in law, Theresa, now lives in the same town we do. She moved for the 3rd time in the past 2 years and is now about a mile away, maybe less. It will give us more opportunities to spend time with her and help her when she needs it.

Seven Days Straight and A New Work Place
Finally the only thing that's really going on with me personally is that I just finished up working 7 days straight at ShopNBC. Wednesday night, the 13th, was my last of 7 straight days. I have 2 days off now and will get back to a pattern of a 5 day work week over the next 3 weeks.
In addition to that the company officially opened their new call center on Wednesday as well. It is a longer walk to get to than the old one (oh joy!) and includes walking up a flight of stairs. However the good news is that I will now be able to sit at the same desk every time I work. Yes sir, I now know for sure that I will be going into work and sitting at desk 51. That makes me very happy.

That's the "Catch Up" News for now. I will try to start posting again on a somewhat regular basis. Look for some interesting posts in the next couple of weeks. I'm RH Factor. Good night and may all your posts be short ones.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Paula Gets Approved

Friday May 8 was a very memorable day for my wife, Paula. First of all she started out the morning by seeing herself mentioned in an online video program, "BTV." It's a short podcast produced as part of a website called "" It's devoted to helping weight loss surgery patients. She was chosen to be acknowledged for her participation in the discussion forums on the website. She set a precedent in that she's the first "pre op" person to be honored on BTV.

Over the past 2 months or so Paul has been actively writing and communicating in the forums. She's made lots of online friends, asked questions and even "publicly" set her weight loss goals by putting them on the site. She even ordered a couple of the "BTV" t-shirts. A shot I took of her wearing the t-shirt contiributed in part to her being chosen to be honored this week. Without her permission I dare not include the picture in this post.

Later Friday morning she found out that our insurance company has approved her for weight loss surgery. YEAH!. She's very excited about it and has anxiously awaited the decision. She won't be able to get her surgery date set until Monday though.

As for me, I got a rejection letter from the same insurance company the other day denying my surgery. The reason stated is that my doctor's medical records did not contain any weight history for 2007. This seemed strange to me until I realized I probably didn't go to my primary doctor in 2007. That's when I was in the midst of gaining back all the weight I lost in 2006 and then some. I was probably embarrassed to go see him.

But I do remember going to the local urgent care facility a couple of times in 2007. I now have those records and they do have a record of my weight history for that year. I will copy and send them to my surgeon's office and have them submit a 3rd application for surgery. This time everything will be the way it's supposed to be and God willing I will be approved.

I will keep you informed once we learn the date of Paula's surgery. Please keep us both in your prayers as we pursue this personal life changing mission as part of becoming the person God wants us to be.