Thursday, January 30, 2014

VW Disaster

This is the picture that accompanied the last time I mentioned the progress of my Lego Volkswagen camper van project on social media. That was January 4. I was really close to getting it completed. 

Late this past Sunday night I finished the build. It was done and it was beautiful. I was tired so I set it up on a book shelf and went to bed. My plans were to take a series of pictures and a video on Monday so I could publish them and brag on my accomplishment. 

Although this is not the one I built, here's a picture of what a finished van looks like.  I found this one on Google. 

The reason I cannot show you a video or even a picture of my
completed model is this: 

It's a 3 piece assembly that fell off the side of the passenger side door near the wheel well while I was trying to take pictures of my van. 

I put the van over on it's side to replace the dislodged assembly. In hind sight not a good move at all. While working on the wheel well I experienced a "minor" disaster. Other front end parts and assemblies came loose and fell off. Here is the result of this Lego destruction. 

Everything you see came apart except for the large sections which are the 2 parts of the roof. I took them off because the section on the left (with the luggage rack) was very difficult to put together. I didn't want them to come apart again. 

Now, just like Humpty Dumpty, I have to try and put the front section of the van back together again. The parts that came off were assembled in different sections. I don't know if I'll be able to do the "body work" without having to take even more apart. 

But once I do get it finished again, I am going to put it in a clear plastic case made specifically for displaying models. You'll see the results in a future post. 

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