Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Asking....

After yesterday's post was up on the interwebs I realized that there are other questions I have about a few other things. Here are some of them. I'm not really looking for answers; just kinda wondering out loud. 

When did it become an effective means of promotion for businesses to have a person, with or without a costume, stand on a nearby corner and dance like an idiot? 

We've all seen them. How can someone dance constantly for the entire day? Are they that excited that the store they are working for is going out of business or jewelry is 50% off? How can they dance with no music? Is it in their head?  

Has anyone ever seen one and said to themselves, "Hey he looks really excited about that sale. Let's follow the arrow he's holding and maybe we'll find others like him."

It cannot be denied that America's love of NFL football is a much greater level of intensity than it is for MLB baseball. But why is the NFL's Pro Bowl, their all-star game, so lame? Fan's have gotten so disinterested that they now have decided to add a very strange twist. They game is no longer conference against conference. It's now a "draft" game. Two HOF players hold a draft to create the teams. What's up with that? Can't wait until the morning after the game to hear how low the TV ratings are. When's it on anyway?

With all the racial sensitivity these days why isn't there any public outcry about retail stores having "white sales" in a month that has the Martin Luther King holiday in it? Especially when featured items for those sales are sheets. 

Speaking of that, why isn't the day honoring MLK in February? That's Black History Month. Seems to me that it would be a better fit. 

Your answer could be that February has Presidents day and you wouldn't want 2 holidays in one month. Let me point out that January is usually the month that a new president is inaugurated. So a holiday honoring U.S. presidents would be congruent with that event wouldn't it?

Just switch the two holidays. That would make sense, right? Wait these are government designated holidays set up by Congress. When's the last time Congress made sense? 

So there's just a few questions and observations that are on my mind. The majority of my posts are focused on me and my everyday life. Today a bit more of an outward look at the way I see things in the world. Not groundbreaking stuff I wanted to write about. 

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