Monday, January 20, 2014

"Castaway" Question Has Changed

Russell Johnson made the most of his 3 year role as Professor Roy Hinkley on the iconic sit-com Gilligan's Island. 
His character made invented everything from a generator to a sewing machine out of coconuts. 
The role gave him life long popularity among the Gilligan's Island fans. He passed away last week. He was 89.

Now the passing of Russell Johnson brings up a different aspect to what has been a ubiquitous question among men ever since the SS Minnow left for "three hour tour". 

For almost 50 years male baby boomers had debated which woman shipwrecked on Gilligan's Island would be the castaway of choice should they find themselves in the exact situation. 

In other words, who would you rather be stranded on a dessert island with, Ginger or Mary Ann? Do you prefer the wholesome girl next door or the sexy salacious movie star?  

The debate is so universal among guys who grew up watching the show that all you have to do is give the choices and they know what your asking. It's a classic pop-psychology question.

Now the two actresses who played those characters, Tina Louise and Dawn Wells, are the only living original cast members from Gilligan's Island. Louise will be 80 years old in February and Wells is 75. 

Now this may seem a bit insensitive but you now have to think about changing the question or at least adding it to the conversation. Who will be one day be the sole survivor in the cast. 

Hard to believe that the new question may be more relevant to people my age than the initial one. It's just another indication of how quickly life goes on. 

So in this new debate who is your choice, Ginger or Mary Ann?

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