Monday, April 21, 2014

RHFactors Is Expanding

Today I am creating a Twitter page to use mostly as a supplement for this blog. 

Quite often there are things I would like to share with my friends and family who follow RHFactors. But the subject doesn't warrant an entire blog post. That's why I've joined Twitter with the user name: @RHFactors909.

I will be looking for interaction with my blog readers who use Twitter. Please look me up and follow my new Twitter page. You can send me comments, questions or anything else using "#RHFactors". This way I can make sure I see your tweet. I will be checking that # every day. 

This is also the first step in a plan to become involved on more social media platforms to share with family, friends and potential business clients. 

Over the last few months I've seen more reaction to my blog because I've been consistent with my posting. My blog now has "content". That's the key to making sure that people keep going back to your social media pages. 

Prior to today, I was using Facebook and this blog to communicate and share select things about me, my life, and my perspective on the world. 

Twitter will be more of my "random thoughts" platform. The other day I put up a comment on Facebook while I was out shopping. From now on those type of "quips" will be put out on Twitter. I may also put them up on Facebook but Twitter will be my "random" and "rant" outlet going forward.

Twitter is on my smart phone so I have constant access. That's one of the reason I upgraded to a smart phone in January. 

There's another reason I got the Nokia phone, the camera. It takes 41MP pictures and great video. I've posted a lot of the pictures on this blog. But "blog spot" will not upload the videos I take with the phone. It's been very frustrating over the last couple of months. 

So my next step in social media is creating a RHFactors You Tube channel so I can post my video content. Look for it soon. I will post when it's up and running. 

But for now go to @RHFactors909 on Twitter and get even more content about things that happens between the posts. 

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