Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Changes And Progress In "The Grove"

As I have documented before on this blog, for it's size the change and development here in Smiths Grove seems to be above average. This post is to update you on just what the most recent changes are.

Two months ago I wrote about the construction of a new grocery store on main street. From what I've heard the new Crossroads IGA is scheduled to open the last week of June. Here's a picture of the construction progress. 

Or the 5 restaurants in "the grove" two are fast food. One is in a very low quality truck stop eatery. I've only eaten there once and that was enough for me. There was a sign over the salad bar written in black marker on cardboard. The sign said "Please do not use your hands to get the lettuce."  YUCK!!!

The 4th restaurant is the local "home cooking" place. It used to be called "Donitas" but it has a different name now. It's best known for breakfast. 

The last place to eat here is a building that has had at least 3 different restaurants in it over the last 10 years. A fourth one is now set to open. The other 3 have had menus with all kinds of cuisine. From the sign that's on the outside of the building, this one will offer Mexican food. 

Not sure just exactly how to pronounce the name of this new place or when it will open but I'm sure we'll try it at least once. 

Next on the "changes" in Smiths Grove list is something that has been around for a while. I'm not sure when it was built and installed but it sits in front of a building Paula and I visit at least once a year. 

It's the most fancy enhancement outside any building here in town. The building it accents is the office of the accounting firm where we have our taxes done every year. 

Finally, I've got to show you a picture of a small specialty craft store that opened within the last two weeks. It has the strangest name I've ever seen for any kind of store. See for yourself: 

There are so many jokes I could write about this one but I think I'll let you make up your own. 

That's it for my change and progress report of my favorite small town in the good ole' USA. I'm sure there will be more changes to come. When they do I'll post them when they happen.

Reporting from all over Smiths Grove, I'm Ron Havens for RHFactors.  

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