Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Aria's 2nd Birthday Party: Part 2

Let me start this 2nd post about Aria's birthday party last Sunday with a picture that shows exactly why I did what I did. It's one that I took while setting things up in the hall before the party.

My granddaughter was in her pre-party dress. She was sitting on the floor "coloring" with some dry erase markers while I was setting up the "stage" for the "side show" part of her carnival party. 

It's a very pretty dress and matched the one her mama wore for the party. (check out the pictures in yesterday's post to see Brandi's dress).

If after you see the pictures of what I did for my part of the party you find yourself asking why a man in his mid 50's would do something like that just come back and look at the cutie in the picture above and you'll have your answer.  

Being in charge of the entertainment for the carnival meant I would be donning the costume of a barker and getting the kids involved in sing alongs, special dances, and a puppet show. 

I would also be playing my ukulele as part of the act. My first "official" public performance since learning to play. 

A few weeks ago I had promised Aria's cousin, Allie, that she could be my assistant. I made sure she had a hat of her own. 

Here are some pictures of "Barker Bob" getting the kids involved in Aria's Carnival Side Show. 

Aria Had a good time playing with her cow puppet. 

Because the party happened differently than Brandi and I thought it would I didn't actually get to do all the things I planned. 

Neither Cecil the Turtle nor Leopold the Lion got the chance to wish Aria a "Happy Birthday". But that didn't matter. Once again all you have to do is see the way this little birthday princess is looking at her "Papa" to know that I'd do anything to make her day. 

After the kids played their carnival games I led them in doing the "chicken dance" as the final event of the party. I don't have any pictures of that but it was a lot of fun. 

There you have my recollections of the day I dressed up as a carnival barker. To paraphrase a 1987 song by Huey Lewis and The News, I did it all for "my baby." Or in this case for my "baby girl" on her 2nd birthday.

I realize that I have only posted pictures and no video. At the time I am writing this entry I only have access to one video of my party performance. 

Right now it's in a digital format that I can't post here. But if that changes I promise you'll see it. 

I want to do one last thing. Here are two of my favorite pictures from each of Aria's birthday parties. 

Compare the difference in these two shots and I can't even imagine what changes the next year will bring to my beautiful granddaughter. 

For her 3rd birthday, I will more than likely, once again provide some kind of entertainment at Aria's party. 

But Brandi claims that next year is going to be a small party with just family, a few friends and a very basic menu. 

If that's the case come next April I may just be wearing the costume of a pizza delivery guy. I have no problem with that. Whatever it takes to get Aria Nicole to smile. 

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