Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Backyard, Bike & Benedryl

Monday night after work I went home and started mowing my yard. A passing rain shower quickly put an end to that. I had to put the rider away with only half the front yard finished. Tuesday morning I got the rest of the job done. It only took me about an hour. 

Just another lawn mowing story right? What's the big deal?
Well, apparently I have developed an allergy to something I breathe in while mowing. Not the greatest news in the world. 

I'll explain but first details about something I am excited about. Yesterday afternoon I rode my bike to work for the first time this year. This picture taken outside the school where I work is proof of that. 

The ride was only a block or two but it was a good start. It's been a while since I have ridden my bike on a regular basis. It's going to take awhile to get back into it. Some things have changed since last summer. My knees are not as flexible as they used to be. Their limitations are going to require some adjustments. 

Nevertheless, being on my bike riding through town is still one of my favorite places to be. 

Now back to the problems caused by mowing the grass. While I was at work I developed the headache that has become the main factor in the aftermath of maintaining my yard. 

Once I got home from work in addition to the headache I started with other symptoms. My sinuses became congested and I got the chills. 

I took a couple of allergy pills, generic Benedryl, and laid down on the couch. I was done for the night. 

Because I felt so cold I ended up in bed in sweatpants and sweatshirt under covers. 

Throughout the night things changed. I went from having the chills to being extremely warm. It woke me up several times to change pillows and pull up or throw off covers. I won't go into anymore of the details but it was my second bad night of sleep in a row. 

As I sit here on Wednesday morning. I'm feeling better but not the best. Going to take it easy until it's time to go to work. 

Since I now know that mowing the grass will cause me to feel this way I am going to have to start being proactive and try take meds before I mow. 

This is a very frustrating thing for me. I've never had to deal with any type of allergic reaction to environmental elements before. But things change and now that I know what I'm dealing with I'll handle it. 

Maybe the best way to do that is to get on my bike and go for a ride? Yeah that's the ticket.   

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