Monday, June 30, 2008

The Wide World of ...?

Many people would complete the title of this post with the word "Sports." Of course they would be referring to the ABC sports program that came on every Saturday afternoon for at least two decades. The show gave us the phrase "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." as well as the infamous footage of the the skier losing it and painfully crashing to the ground.

But I'm was not thinking about sports when I decided on the title. When I looked back on the month of June I realized what I have done and where I have been over the last 30 days. That review made me realize that I have become fully involved in a " The wide world of ministry."

Here's a list of the ministries God allowed me to be a part of in June alone:
  • Vacation Bible School as a teacher
  • The church music ministry as a soloist and part of the Sunday Morning Praise Team
  • Ventriloquism performances at the public library and in an evening service at church
  • Leading a mid week Bible study & prayer service for the adults members at church
  • Serving as a chaperon for teenagers over night at church before they left for youth camp
  • Being a member the church nominating committee & selecting those who will help in planning our new building
  • Teaching Children's Church on Sunday morning
  • Creating the announcement slide show each week for the church Sunday morning worship service

I don't write those to pat myself on the back for being involved at church. Those works are worth nothing unless I do them out of obedience to and to the glory of God. I have to admit that list is a very wide variety of ministries for a 30 day period. I enjoy doing all of it. Children, teenagers, and adults; I seem to be able to teach and communicate with all age groups on one level or another.

I know that ventriloquism is the one thing that God wants me to focus on in regard to future ministry. I know he wants me to be a ventriloquist. I am excited about that because it is something I love doing. But after reviewing the month I realize that He also has a wide variety of other things for me to do as well.

Believe it or not this realization has a connection to my trying to decide whether or not to have surgery to lose weight. There's no worth to the realization of the fact that God wants me to participate in a "wide world of ministry" if my willful sinful behavior of overeating continues to keep me from being physically able to do those ministries. See the connection? I do.

Once again God has taught me a lesson that will help find the right path to serving him.

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