Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Serious Seminar

Today I did something I never thought I would do. I went to a seminar discussing Bariatric surgery; which is more commonly known as gastric by pass surgery. I'm not looking to undergo surgery any time soon but I am interested in a permanent resolution to being over weight. I've tried a lot of diets and had some success but none have helped me reach my goal weight, get me healthy, or keep the weight off.

Bariatric Surgery consists of 4 types of procedure but I was only interested in learning about 1 of them. I pretty much know about gastric by pass because my sister had it back in February. She seems to be doing well losing weight and is very happy that she did it. I know that's not the way for me to go.

The only procedure I would ever consider having is the lap band surgery. This operations consists of the insertion of a small plastic band around the top of your stomach which when tightened creates a small pouch at the top of your stomach. This drastically limits the amount of food it takes to feel full and quells your hunger. Other than creation of the pouch the digestion process remains normal. It can be done lapariscopicly through small incisions in the abdomen, the band can be adjusted without any further surgery, or can be removed if it needs to be.

The lap band is the way I would go. Right now it seems that this may be my only alternative for any improvement in my physical condition. Medically I am considered "Morbidly Obese" ( I hate those words). Bariatric Surgery is the only proven permanent solution to effective weight loss.

In Thursday's post (Back to the Land of The Living) I mentioned that I will have to make a decision on what kind of action to take to improve my limited and degrading ability to be physically active. This condition and pain in my back and knees are direct results of being overweight.

God has been telling me for a few months now that my current physical condition and eating habits are sinful behaviors. They keep me from getting closer to Him and limit my ability to do things in the way he wants to use me.

I am at a crossroads in my life. I need to improve my physical condition to be able to be happy in the years I've got left. Most importantly I need to be physically able to answer God when he calls me to do things for him.

I haven't made a decision but it looks like the options are limited. I have no faith in any other weight loss alternative. However the path of lap band surgery will be long, difficult, and require a definite commitment to drastic changes in my life. I need to be able to be sure that this is the path God wants me to take and that He will help me through it. The window of time to choose my path is closing rather quickly. Please pray for me as I make that decision.

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