Sunday, June 22, 2008

My First Duet

Okay blog readers I know it's been a few days since my last post. I've had a busy week but it didn't have much in it that I could blog about. However tonight was quite an evening for me at church.

Our evening service at church was "song night." This meant that anyone who wanted to could get up and sing a song. It could be any song: a hymn, a modern gospel song, a Sunday School song or Worship chorus.

My wife, Paula, sang a song that she's been wanting to sing for a while called "If You Want Me To." Although she has an accompaniment CD for it, she didn't have it with her so she sang without music. She did a wonderful job. Hearing her sing is always treat for me. I love her singing.

Next it was my turn to sing. I decided to sing with one of my puppets, Sherman. You see a year ago one of our church members challenged me try and have me and my puppet sing at the same time. He thought he was being a wise guy. I told him I considered it a challenge and would work on it. It took a year or so but I finally got up the courage to try it. So with the help of some prerecorded material and the help of the people in the sound booth tonight I sang a ventriloquist duet. The puppet I used was an old man golfer named "Sherman" (pictured at the right).

The jokes and the song were enjoyed by the congregation and the performance is another step in my development as a ventriloquist. I took a video of the performance but it the file was too big to be published on this blog.

I'm not anywhere as good as I want to be but I'm learning with every performance. God is really good to me. He gives me these wonderful opportunities to develope my talent. I'm very thankful for those chances.

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