Thursday, June 5, 2008

Listening To My Daily Bread

This has been an extra busy and tiring week for me because I am teaching VBS at my church. Although I have already written one post about VBS I'm planning on writing a summary of the weeks events after the closing ceremonies are held this coming Sunday night. Check back early next week for that post.

However I didn't want to wait until next week to submit my next post. So I'm going share with you something I try to do everyday and that is listen to some type of biblical based preaching on the radio or the computer. I can't tell you the number of new things and lessons I've learn in regard to growing as a Christian from listening to these programs.

I have XM Radio in my car and nearly all the time have the channel set to the channel 170 the Family Talk station. About 80% of the station's program is biblical preaching or teaching of some kind. If you have XM I highly recommend it.

I'd now like to countdown for you a list of my favorite preaching programs I have listened to on the computer over the last year. Although this list is in a countdown format you really can't go wrong listening to any of them. They all teach sound biblical principals and theology. (Switch to James Earl Jones voice in your head) If you will listen; you will grow. Its just a matter of your taste in styles and formats and subjects. Here's my list:

8. Money Life: This is a radio show that is presented by Crown Financial Ministries. I wrote about Crown Financial earlier this week. The host is Chuck Bently. It is a program that deals the same subjects and principals that the Bible Study does. If you're interested in learning about being a good steward with your money and your life this is a good program for you. You can connect to this program on the web at Crown Financial Ministries

7. Focus on The Family: This is probably the best known program of all those on my list. Dr. James Dobson is a nationally known Christian broadcaster and leader. His daily radio show is an uplifting cutting edge program that's sure to touch and strengthen you. The link for this program is

6. Mark Dever: This minister of the gospel does not preach on a daily radio show although he has appeared on several of the broadcasts on this list. Mark Dever is the author of a couple of great books that I've read over the past 6 months. He's a dynamic writer and speaker. If you want to hear a very intense and in depth study of God's Word I recommend listening to Mark Dever. His sermons can be found at:

5. Turning Point: This radio broadcast comes on XM Radio and can be heard on the web. The preacher is David Jeremiah. He's a very insightful preacher who profoundly interprets and teaches God's Word in his messages. This program can be heard at There is also a Turning Point TV program but you'll have to "check your local listings" as they say.

4. Grace To You: I first became aware of the excellent preaching of John MacArthur through my associate pastor at church. Having listened to several of Rev. MacArthur's sermons on CD I decided to check out his podcast. A 4 part message on the parable of the Prodigal Son won me over for good. Just like Mark Dever, John MacArthur is a "tell it like it is" preacher who is a great communicator and is not afraid to deliver the truth found in the Biblical text: No matter what it says. Listen to him at Just click on the "Grace To You" link.

3. The Bible Answer Man: Hank Hanegraaff is better known as "The Bible Answer Man." He is the president of the Christian Research Institute, an author of many books, and has a daily broadcast on XM radio as well as the web. At first I didn't like Hanegraff because his doctrinal views were a lot different than what I believed at the time I started listening. Over the last couple of years I have discovered exactly what the Bible really says. Now I understand and agree with most of what "The Bible Answer Man" has to say. You can find his daily broadcast at

2. The Albert Mohler Program: At 4PM central time on XM radio channel 176 you can hear Dr. Mohler's program. He is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville Kentucky. His program is the most news/issue/culture driven program than any other listed here (even Focus on the Family). The first 10 minutes of each program is a news digest with top news stories of the day reported with commentary. This is the one broadcast that makes me think about issues that effect me as a Christian. It's probably the only place I can hear about these issues from a Christian perspective. If you enjoy current events and thought provoking discussion of how Christians can apply Biblical principals to today's topics this is the broadcast for you. Get this daily podcast at:

1. Truth For Life: I've been listening to this program nearly everyday for 2 years. I can truthfully say that I've learned more and been inspired to search the scriptures by Alistar Beggs' teachings than any media preacher in my life. I value this broadcast so much in my Christian walk that at one time I chose to stay on an earlier work shift just so I could still listen to it on my way to work. A pastor in a non denominational church in Cleveland Ohio, the Scottish born Begg is by far my favorite radio preacher. I can almost guarantee that you'll be blessed by him as well. You can listen to him at: .

So there you have the 8 sources from which I get my daily bread by way of either the radio or the computer. I do hope you try one or all of them on for size. With the quality of preaching contained collectively in all 8 of my selections I'm sure you'll find one that feeds your soul and helps you grow; at least that's my prayer for you. I do apologize for the length of the list but at least its more useful than a list of my favorite M*A*S*H episodes...which is still to come by the way.
God Bless.

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