Sunday, June 29, 2008

Teaching The Children Again

Today at church for the first time in 3 months I taught Children's Church. There were 16 children and I had 4 of my best workers helping me.

The Bible lesson came from the gospel of Luke. It was about the sick woman who gets healed when she touches Jesus' robe. The games and craft centered on tassels because in Jesus' days the people wore tassels at the bottom of their robes.

We played a "toss the tassel" game, sang songs about praising God all the time, and made a coloring craft with pictures of Jesus and the sick woman and a real tassel taped between them.

The session ended with visit from the children's favorite puppet, Cecil the Turtle. He helped me review the lesson with the kids.

To me it felt like the session went really quickly. The hour just flew by. I am going to teach again next week. After being a little burned out from teaching nearly every week I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the preparation and teaching. Its a real blessing to me.

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