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Podcasts Primer Part 2: And The Rest

Welcome back to my Podcast Primer. Part 2 is going to feature the podcasts I listen to that are not focused on Disney. They are all either entertaining or educational. I hope you find one that interests you. 

Bob & Sheri Podcast
Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch are hosts of a nationally syndicated morning radio show. They are heard in over 50 markets, mostly in the mid west and south. I've listened to them on 3 different stations for over a decade. In 2006, the year the started airing on a local station, I met them when they made a personal appearance in Bowling Green. 
They were my radio companions during the year or so I was a medical transportation driver. 
Now that I am not listening to the radio in the mornings very much anymore I get my Bob & Sheri fix through their podcast. 
It's a condensed version of their on-air program. I get to hear all my favorite segments like: Morons In News, Sports Confuse Me, Listener phone calls, and Lamar's Movie Reviews. 
I listen to this podcast in the same places I would have listened to it in the past: in the shower, riding in the car or while on a walk.  
If you like the energy and entertainment that comes with morning radio and want that in your day past 9AM. I highly recommend subscribing to the Bob & Sheri podcast. You can find it on I-tunes or through this link: Bob & Sheri Website
Geek Directive
I've been listening to this podcast for as long as it's been around. At the start of this year it changed it's name from "Assembly of Geeks" to "Geek Directive". Not only did its name change, it's format did too. But it's still my "go to" podcast for anything to do with "geek pop culture." It is produced and hosted by Scott Murray. He is joined on the podcast by Jeff McGee and Emily Kelley. There is also a computerized voice who goes by the name, "GANNIN" (an acronym for "The Geek & Nerd News & Intel Network) that directs the direction and format of each episode.  
This podcast talks about everything in Geek pop culture from the Avenger movies to "Son of Zorn" and everything in between. There is a discussion of current news and talk of favorite things from the past. Star Wars and super heroes are favorite topics; sometimes to excess. 
I love this podcast because its about the things I find interesting and really like. I'm not a main stream geek. I don't go to "cons" and am not into "cosplay." But Harry Potter, Marvel movies, Lego, Disney (yes, they do talk a little about theme parks) and any and all merchandise are among my interests. All are addressed in this podcast. Again, find this one in I-Tunes or here: Geek Directive Podcast

School Of Laughs Podcast
This is a podcast that's devoted to one subject exclusively: Stand Up Comedy. If you have ever thought about going into "stand-up",writing jokes or looking to become a better public speaker by utilizing humor, this could be a podcast for you.  
Working comedian (over 20 years in "the business") Rik Roberts is the host of this podcast. It is supplemental to his School of Laughs. The school consists of both actual classes held in Nashville and access through a website.  
I have always been interested in exploring my potential for being funny. I've done that a little bit with performing ventriloquism and writing and performing sketches for church. 
This podcast has helped me learn more about what it takes to be a stand up. I'm still not sure I'm cut out for it or even if I'm funny in settings outside my circle of family and friends. But I enjoy listening to this podcast. Rik and his guests (who are quite often comics I know from listening to the comedy channels on SiriusXM radio) help me learn some skills that I may someday actually use to be funnier and become a better performer. 
So if you are interested in learing the "nuts and bolts of stand up or comedy writing at all, this is a good podcast to listen to. here's where you can find it. School Of Laughs Podcast

These next podcasts are a couple that I have listened to on a regular basis in the past but have tapered off a bit due to lack of interest or lack of availability of new episodes available. But I do still keep an eye on their feed for new offerings that peak my interest. 

The Muppetcast
Been listening to this podcast since 2009. It is the original and in my opinion the best podcast that's all Muppets, all the time. Steve Swanson is a guy who is as open and honest about his fandom and his life as any host I've listened to. There have been times when he's "ended" the podcast but it has always come back. When he does create content, he has done his best to produce and present quality episodes. 
Interviews with guests who are: Muppet performers, Muppet historians, puppeteers, fellow Muppet podcasters. 
If you find yourself wanting to hear what Steve has to say about some things other than the Muppets, you can tune into the Backstage Podcast. That's a 2nd program Swanson produces occasionally to share with his listeners his conversations with friends about interests outside of the landscape of the Muppetcast.
If you are a Muppet fan and want to connect with others, the Muppetcast is for you. Here's where you can find either of these programs: The Muppetcast Podcast     

The Way I Heard It
This is the show I've recently added to my podcast line up but it is already one of my favorites. 
First thing I want to point out is that each of these episodes are a "quick listen"; not very long at all. I'd say they are less than 10 minutes. Half of that time is a combination of what's referred to in Podcast speak at "housekeeping" and "ad reads" for the program's sponsors. But what follows is worth the wait. 
Host Mike Rowe earned his claim to fame with with the Discover Channel show, Dirty Jobs. He's also made a career out of doing voice overs for a plethora of TV shows and commercials. 
With, "The Way I Heard It", Rowe picks up the gauntlet of the iconic radio news reporter and broadcaster Paul Harvey's "The Rest Of The Story" program. 
These 5 minute segments tell the stories of important yet little known events and personalities in history and pop culture. 
Although I'm still catching up on the handful of episodes posted so far, I have enjoyed stories about: Woody Woodpecker creator, Walter Lance; Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry; John Wilkes Booth, Johnny Cash and more.  
If you are a fan of trivia or learning about history from a different perspective. Then by all means subscribe this podcast. The Way I Heard It 

So there you have it, the podcasts I subscribe to on I-Tunes and listen to during my day-to-day activities. They are my personal preferences.

Based on the scope of what I've shared, if you have any programs that you think I'd like to subscribe to, let me know. Send me a comment: 
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Twitter: @RHFactors909
Instagram: RHFactors909

There are the over 250,000 podcasts on I-Tunes. If those I've introduced and described for you over these two posts don't interest you, look around. I'm sure you can find one about what interests you. Simply subscribe, download and enjoy. 

Hope you enjoyed this series. Come back again next time when I'll be posting about a subject inspired by a question one of my cousins asked me earlier this week. I'm sure you'll find it interesting. 

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