Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Empty Nester Weekend

I don't know if I'm becoming anti-social in my old age or not but this weekend was spent at home alone with my wife.

We watched a lot of TV: some Netflix shows, some favorite movies and one of the best championship football games ever.  

Now I know that may not seem very exciting to you as you start to read this. But every once in a while I need to write a post just for me. This is one of those. Here's how our two days together went. 

The weekend started on Friday night when I went from this look:
To this look:
It's a style that I think I'm going to stay with for a while. 

As we watched a couple of "our shows" on the DVR Friday night; I managed to navigate around all the mention of the "Bowling Green Massacre" on my social media. It's all everyone on my pages were posting about. Thanks to all the blood sucking news outlets for making a mountain out of a molehill and to all the "compassionate kind easily forgiving liberal thinking" people who piled on. But that happens with everything political these days doesn't it? 

Saturday morning I played "chef" and made a pork roll and cheese bagels for breakfast. 

I decided that it was time to look at a couple of the shows on Netflix that I've been hearing about. The first one I chose was "The Santa Clarita Diet." It's about a woman who becomes a coherent type of zombie. It was disgustingly gross. I probably won’t watch another episode. 

The other series we watched on Netflix was “Doctor Foster.” It’s a BBC show about a woman doctor whose husband is having an affair and she finds out. In the process of finding out who her husband really is, she becomes someone she never wanted to be.

 By the Sunday afternoon we had finished watching all 5 episodes. To say I enjoyed would put the wrong light on it. However, I did find it very compelling. 

Paula enjoyed the rest of her Saturday afternoon enjoying a couple of the movies she has on blu-ray, "Alice Through The Looking Glass" and "Mrs. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children"; coloring her picture a day calendar as she relaxed.  I napped on the couch a little bit and worked on organizing my 2016 pictures on my laptop.  

After a dinner of roasted turkey and rice we spent the evening in a very romantic way, not! We finished going through some of our old records, statements, and paperwork in order to clean up our files. 

Paula performed a little of her kitchen creativity resulting in a snack I would call "S'mores sans Marshmallow." It was very good. 

When it came time to call it a night I realized we had spent the day completely alone. I was perfectly fine with that. It's what "empty nesters" do sometimes. 

Sunday started out with a trip to Mickey D's for breakfast sandwiches. I had a bogo coupon for them. It was actually brunch since it was 11 when I got them. 

We decided that this was the day to put together Paula's full length stand up mirror/jewelry case that has been sitting in a spare room in the box for about 2 years. Now that Paula's office is finished it was time to assemble and start using this key piece of furniture.  

We put a blanket on the living room floor so that the wood pieces wouldn't get scratched as we handled them. We got out the tool box; ready to utilize what ever we needed to complete the job. 

I brought the large box which was about as tall as I am. We laid it down on the floor and pulled out the components. We unwrapped all the packing and were surprised by what we didn't find. There was no directions, no bag full of hardware, no multiple pieces or fixtures to be screwed together. We were perplexed at first but as we surveyed the scene, we realized there wasn't much assembling to be done at all. 

There were only 4 screws that had to be seated and tightened. This built the stand and connected it to the mirror. Then we placed a couple of wooden dowels to keep the mirror from tipping forward. Here's a couple of pictures. 
Although we were glad that it was finally out of the box, the experience was rather anti-climatic. We had planned on spending an hour or two working on it. For a few minutes after we placed it back in her office, both of us were like; now what do we do?

Soon it was time to sit down and watch the Superbowl. Even though I'm a Washington Redskins fan, the Patriots are my favorite AFC team so I was interested in the game. 

Now, I know that the Superbowl can be a very social occasion. I mean there are parties and opportunities to watch it with groups of people everywhere. But over the last several years, I have chosen to watch the Superbowl from the comfort of my own living room. 

My excitement for the game turned into disappointment rather quickly when the Pats fell behind by 3 touchdowns by halftime. I was resolute to the fact that it just wasn't their day.  

One of my favorite things to do while sitting and watching sports is to work on a Lego model. During the Superbowl I worked on my latest, a Mini-Cooper. I put together the 2nd of 3 steps. Here's what I started out with. 
And how I finished the night. 

I'll be sure to post pictures or a video of it once its finally finished. 

Despite the hype and warnings on social media, against my better judgement, we sat and watched the Lady Gaga halftime show. It wasn't anything like I thought it would be. The beginning was rather patriotic and a lot more respectful than I thought it would be. She's not my style but Gaga is a very talented singer and musician.
Her costumes were a lot more conservative than what Beyonce or any other female performer has worn recently. Compared to years past the show was rather entertaining (I didn't hate it). The best thing about it is that it didn't get political. Don't know if the NFL had her bridled in that area or not but I'm grateful to who ever was responsible for keeping that in check.  

Of course, like most people watching the game, by the middle of the 3rd quarter I was convinced that the outcome was a forgone conclusion.

But then while, I was in the kitchen cleaning up from dinner the Patriots defense recovered a fumble. In a game when nothing was going right for them this was a bit of a bright spot. During the ensuing drive to the end zone, I heard the announcer mention that the Patriots had run almost twice as many plays as the Falcons. To me this was another ray of hope. Maybe the Atlanta defense was getting tired and warn out. 

They had played with such intensity for most of the game. All the time on the field had to be taking it's toll. By the time the 4th quarter came around it was more than evident that they were pretty much "gassed."

Of course, everyone knows what happen. Tom Brady led his team to the first overtime victory and the greatest comeback in Superbowl history. 

I stayed up a couple of hours after the game was over to watch the post game award ceremonies and the analysis from the experts on Fox Sports Channel, NFL network, and ESPN. 

I was really enjoying the reporters, retired players and coaches rehashing the game and how it played out. All the channels were live from the stadium in Houston. I stopped enjoying it when the actual Patriot players came out and started talking about the game. The post game shows quickly lost their objectivity and quickly became very patronizing. That's when I turned it off and went to bed. 

The "empty nester" weekend was over but it was a good one. Sure I love spending time with my family and grand children. But having the time to relax and recharge with my wife, just the two of us, is a great way to end a week as well.

Like I wrote at the start of this post, every once in a while I feel the need to write something just for me. Something that will help me remember the good times in life. This was one of them. Thanks for indulging me. See ya, next time.  

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