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Podcasts I Listen To Part 1: The Disney List

I know I've posted in the past about how much I enjoy listening to podcasts on I-Tunes and on my I-Pod. To those who don't know what a podcast is let me explain it as a radio talk show you can listen on a mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Because of the minimal amount of effort it takes to produce and publish them, podcasts have become very common over the last few years. It seems everyone has a podcast. 

Over the course of the last 10 years I've listened to quite a few different podcasts. Some of them have stopped being produced and I really miss them. Others just didn't hold my interest anymore. 

To no one's surprise the majority of the podcasts I listen to are about the Walt Disney Company, specifically Walt Disney World. In this first of a two-part series I will share with you my list of the podcasts I listen to for Disney and other theme park related information. I highly recommend all of these to any WDW fan or anyone who is planning a trip to visit the Orlando theme parks. 

I am listing them in that I call "listening priority." If all of my podcasts had a new episodes this the order in which I would listen to them.

Unofficial Guide's Disney Dish Podcast 
With Jim Hill and Len Testa
This is my favorite and go-to podcast for the inside scoop on Disney park news and history. Len Testa (co-author of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World) and Disney expert, Jim Hill, provide the most compelling insight and information about Disney than any other podcast I listen to. Along with author Jim Korkis, Jim Hill is one of the top experts when it comes to knowledge about Disney, past, present and future. You can subscribe to this semi-monthly podcast on I-Tunes and find even more here:  

The Dis Unplugged WDW edition
This is both a podcast that can be listened to as an audio feed from I-Tunes and viewed as a videocast on You Tube. The draw of this podcast is the diversity of the people who contribute to program. There are various combinations of a dozen contributors each week. I met a couple of them, Theresa and Kathy, at a Disney themed fund raiser in Indianapolis a couple of years ago. 
This group is also politically and socially diverse with at times a heavy liberal bias. They are can very extremely opinionated. The main host of the show, Pete Werner, often goes into unapologetic rants on issues he's feels strongly about. But they are very likable and have a good time together. This show has been around for over a decade. They are very good at covering all things Disney. At times the opinions and political leanings are a little much for me but it's nice to be in on the conversation. 
This is not just one podcast, the "Dis Unplugged" brand is a network of podcasts, videos, websites and discussion boards. Other than the main WDW podcast my other favorite is the series, Connecting with Walt. You can go to their website to find the WDW edition and all the other Dis Unplugged podcasts. 

WDW Radio
This was my very first podcast I ever subscribed to on I-Tunes back in 2007. I met it's host, Lou Mongello in person. This picture is from May 2014 when I shook hands with Lou during a WDW Radio meet up in Atlanta. 
If you are looking for a podcast with a positive, optimistic, approach to the place "Where Dreams Come True" this is the podcast for you.
What you'll hear is a man who, since his first trip to the Magic Kingdom in 1971, has had a love and passion for Walt Disney World that's second to none. 
Like Dis Unplugged, WDW Radio is a brand not just a podcast. Its a blog, an online community, a marathon running team, a charity fund raiser and more. Lou Mongello is king of the hill when it comes to Disney podcasters. You can't help but connect with him and his podcast. While there are many reasons for this you only need to know one. Lou Mongello is a really nice guy who loves Disney.  

WDW Today 
This is the 2nd podcast I subscribed to back around 2010. I really liked the original group of hosts almost from the beginning. Matt Hotchberg, Mike Scopa, Mike Newell, Annette Owens and Len Testa were all friends who loved Disney. A lot of them were from the north east like I was and that's why I liked them. I called in to their live call-in shows several times. They produced shows for 10 years, nearly 1500 episodes. 
In December 2015 the show changed hosts. Logan Sekulow, Will Hayes, and Terry Weaver took over. Also Len Testa, remained a part-time host; participating as the show's expert in answering listener questions. I really didn't like when the hosts changed but I gave it a chance. After listening for a year or so I've grown to like the 2.0 version.  
The show is recorded at the Laff-o-gram studios in Nashville, a business owned by Sekulow. I am hoping one day to visit the studio and hang out with the hosts for a while. I'll let you know if that ever happens. You can find out more about the show here: WDW Today Website

I am including these two podcasts last because I only listen to them occasionally. 

Mickey Miles & More mostly focuses on the Run Disney events that happen in Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Mike Newell, a former host of WDW Today, is part of the trio who host this podcast. They are all devoted Disney fans and friends. It's entertaining to hear them talk both pro and con of all the issues that come up. Mickey Miles & More Podcast

WDW Prep To Go is the podcast for the website WDW Prep School. It is hosted by Stephanie Albert. It is the most recent addition to my Disney podcast list. She gives lots of information for first time visitors. If you are planning your first trip, I would listen to this one for help getting the most out of it. 
WDW Prep School

So there you have my list of Disney themed podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. They entertain me and bring a little bit of Walt Disney World and it's history into my world in between visits. I highly recommend each and every one of them. I think you'll find one or more that you also enjoy. But then again, you may not like any of them. They are not the only Disney podcasts available. There are hundreds of them. If you are a Disney fan and want to find others who do too, a podcast is one of the best ways. 

Although it's actually a vidcast I do want to mention one more program that I watch on You Tube faithfully every week. It's called, "Attractions Magazine: The Show". Every Thursday, a new 20-30 minute program, hosted by Banks Lee and Elisa Goldman, brings me news and on-the-scene coverage of all the events happening in Disney, Universal and all the other themes parks in Central Florida and beyond. If you are someone who is interested in what's happening in the theme park business this is the place to see it. Here's where you can watch it: Attractions Magazine: The Show  

In my next post I will share with you the other podcasts I listen to. They include highlights of a nationally broadcast syndicated morning program, how to be a stand up comic, geek culture and more. 

Thanks for reading my blog. See you again soon.  

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