Monday, February 27, 2017

Being Whimsical: Part 2

Time now to continue sharing some of my humorous moments captured "on film". 

Let me start with hats. I don't look very good in hats. At least I don't think so. I won't go into the details as to why. Because of that I often use trying on hats as a means of making people laugh. Here, I'll just show you some examples.

First up is a Derby Day hat. The Kentucky Derby is really a big deal here in the Bluegrass State. There's a tradition among Southern Belles to wear fancy hats. 3 years ago during an event at my church, I decided to try one on. 
A lot of Baby Boomers who are part of my generation remember the Saturday Night Live sketches where Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin played the Festrunk brothers. They were better known by their catch phrase: "We are...two wild and crazy guys."

Here's my bid to join them. 
 Always interested in history, I am happy to share these next two hat pictures. Both show what I would have looked like if I was an explorer. First, someone who blazed the frontier with Davey Crockett...
...and next as member of a Viking crew on an ancient Nordic ship.
See what I mean about me wearing a hat? There will be more hats later in this series.

What's taking wearing a hat to the next level? How about wearing a costume?  Although I don't go to comiccons or play RPG games, I have done my share of "cosplay". 

When performing ventriloquism some times you have to put on the right look to sell the premise. Like this 2008 appearance at the local branch of the public library. 
A little "skulduggery" was involved in putting together these pair of Halloween pirate costumes. One as a first mate and the other as menacing member of the crew. 

The most memorable costume I ever put on happened on a special occasion 3 years ago. Here's what I looked like. 

For those of you who don't know it, I'll share with you the story behind this picture in a future series post. I'm sure I have you curious. :)

Next, a mix of amusing pictures of me in various places and situations. 

Ministering to children as part of a 2014 church summer out door outreach program.   
On vacation in Chattanooga,TN in 2012
Listening to music while shopping at The Green Hills Mall in Nashville in 2011.

Finally, I want to share a picture of the most whimsical original creation I've ever made out of Legos. 

In December 2012, at the very start of my current Lego obsession, I built a scene based on a memory of the old TV game show, "To Tell The Truth". My inspiration was from the syndicated version of the 1970s hosted by Garry Moore. 
Here's what the actual set looked like. 
What I built was actually a combination of the "To Tell The Truth" and "What's My Line" sets. I started with the statue at the back of the model and worked from there. 

I've included the desks where the panelists sat and the one for the contestants. I also created representations of TV cameras. Enough explaining here's one of my original Lego creations that I think is very whimsical.

 So there you have hats, costumes, and other things that are all part of some humorous pictures of me from the last 10 years or so. 

In my next post, I will share with you some shots of me having fun in one of the places I enjoy going to the most. If you don't know for sure, come back and see just where that may be.

God Bless 

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