Friday, February 17, 2017

My "50K Views" Give Away

Yesterday, February 16, thanks to you, I reached my first goal of 2017. After 8 years & 10 months and nearly 890 posts, I surpassed 50,000 page views on this blog. Now I know that may not be considered impressive in the "blogosphere." But I have never really aggressively publicized my blog. I have simply teased and shared it with friends and family; so I am proud of that total.   

As a "thank you", I'm going to reward one lucky my faithful readers with a special giveaway. It will be a "goodie box" with things that can fall into the category of "RH Factors."  That simply means they will be things I enjoy or would buy for myself. It will be delivered to your door absolutely free.

All you have to do for the chance to get this first ever "major award" is mention on social media that you read my blog, share the link to it, and include the hashtag #RHFactors50K. 

Then post it before 11:59 PM central standard time Sunday, February 19. That will get you entered. One entry per person. I will pick the winner through random drawing on Monday, February 20. The name will be announced on this blog later that day. 

Good luck and thank you for helping me reach one of my blog goals. Come back next time and you'll see visual evidence of some of my "close encounters." 

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