Sunday, November 16, 2014

Stay At Home Saturday

As I scanned over the titles of some of my previous posts I realized that I write an awful lot about what happens on the weekends. But that's because it's when most things I want to write about go on. So here's another post about the first day of this weekend. 

This was the kind of Saturday I haven't had in a while. Over the last year, Saturdays become a day to relax and take a break from working at getting things done during the week while Paula was at her job. 

The main goal for Saturdays was spending time with my wife while she was home and doing my best to make sure she got rested and recharged from the stress she experienced all week. Here how this Saturday was different.

But before I write about what I did let me first mention a couple of things I regret not doing. 

First of all, on Saturday evening, my family in Pennsylvania had a 25th anniversary party for my sister, Shari and her husband, Bob. Below is the picture of the invitation, my sister Peggy sent me. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there to be a part of it.

Also, this weekend was the Christmas Village expo at the Tennessee Fairgrounds in Nashville. Paula and I have gone to this event each of the last 2 years with our friends, Mark & Patty and their daughter, Amy. 

It's a fun day as we walk through the many halls looking at the hundreds of booths featuring specialty foods, arts and crafts, clothing, Christmas decorations, and more.

With Paula getting sick with strep throat this past week and me adjusting my new job we decided that we would have to pass on going this year. 

Instead of doing either of those things, I spent the day at home catching up on some things I didn't have the time or energy to do this week. 

Most of it was housekeeping stuff. I won't go into the details but at least I've vacuumed up all the pet hair and we've got clean clothes for the week. 

Paula helped me with the living room but I insisted she spend most of the day recuperating and watching the last season of "Vampire Diaries" on Netflix. 

In between those episodes I watched some of my favorite 70s TV shows on DVD, M*A*S*H and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Started watching all 11 seasons about the gang at the 4077th a couple of weeks ago. I'm currently on season 4 and am in the middle of the first season of MTMS which I'm borrowing from Netflix. I'm on the last few episodes. 

In our mail box I found a package I've been waiting to get for a while. In it were some of the key props to be used in this year's church Christmas play, inflatable banjos. 
They will be used in song that should be the "cutest" moment of the play. 

I had a few things on my catch-up list that were just for myself. I discovered on Thursday that a couple of the wheels had fallen off the bottom of my blue Lego storage bin. In case you don't remember it, this picture was taken in September 2013, when my daughter-in-law, son and granddaughter gave it to me for my birthday. This was before I ever put the wheels on. 

I mounted the wheels back in place again with glue. Once they dry, I will secure them with small screws to that they won't come off again.  

For dinner, Paula baked a chicken and made cornbread for the first time in a long time. We rounded out our meal with a delicious baked sweet potato. 

The one thing I did that I consider a step forward is that I finally set up my recording studio at my desk. It was the first time I connected my desktop computer and my Ipod (my music resources) and my microphone into my sound mixer. Then I plugged  the mixer into my laptop. This allows me to record MP3 files using Audacity software.

The preliminary tests worked very well and as soon as I experiment with the sound levels to get them where they should be I will be ready to record my 9th Rewind Christmas program. 

In addition, although it's almost the end of 2014, I have yet to record my 2013 soundtrack show. 

I'm also excited about the fact I am set up to record, that ability to start a podcast is now in place as well. I'm still learning about the logistics of how to do that but I can see the RH Factors podcast on the horizon for 2015.  

Okay, I'll stop now about my relatively uneventful Saturday. Like I said it was a type of Saturday I haven't had in a while.  
But the way I spent it will probably become the norm for me now that I'm back working from 7-5 during the week. 

Saturdays that I can spend at home will be the time for me to get things on my "to do" list done.

This week has been an adjustment but I'm adapting. As I have written about before, I was certain that my immediate future would require me to find my own way as far as a job was concerned and would have to work at making money on my own.  

But with that came a great deal of personal freedom. Freedom I had come to enjoy. But now that benefit has gone away. 

Getting a "normal job" has paved a turn in the road that I was not expecting. Once I get my bearings and understand the direction I'm traveling I'll be fine. 


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