Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Never Mind

You know that post I wrote yesterday? The one where I was all excited about the prospect of going back to Walt Disney World? Well, here it is a day after I share my news and I'm forced to add one thing...Never mind. 

Unfortunately, I won't be able to take that trip back to Orlando anytime soon. That may be the bad news but there is good news that goes with it.

I have gotten a new job. Its the type of job I've been looking for. I'm a driver for one of the local transportation companies. Because of the nature of the service the company offers I can't go into any more detail than that. 

Now that I'm committed to be of service to my new employer 5 days a week my plans for the future have changed a bit. 

I'm going to have to adjust to a different time schedule. No more staying up late and sleeping until mid morning. 

In addition to the tentative vacation plans for Disney World I'll have to cancel any other travel plans for the next year or so. But that's what comes with a new job. 

On the positive note, I will now be getting a new stream of income that will help us improve our future financial stability. 

My plans to pursue podcasting will not be deterred. I am just going to have to do it after I get home from work at night or on the weekends. 

But having to become an early riser again will put Paula and I in a situation that we haven't had in our house since April 2012. We will both be waking up and getting ready for work in the morning.

The future is still full of potential but it may take a bit more focus and effort to get where I want to go. 

Right now, for reasons I've already mention and a few others I'm a bit apprehensive about this new situation. It may just take some time to adjust. 

But on the other hand I have finally gotten hired at a job that doesn't anchor me to a phone or keep me cooped up in an office. 

I am blessed to have a job again. I look forward to success with my new company and in the other vocational goals I have mentioned before. 

Disney World is "off the table" and that's disappointing.But that's okay it's now full with a potential banquet of blessing and hope.  

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