Friday, November 14, 2014

Major Mark

Sorry for the lack of content this week. I've been dealing with getting back into the workforce once again. It's a real adjustment for me. As I get older, each time I have to deal with significant change, it seems to take just slightly longer to adjust. But I'm getting there and so it's back to the blog. Thanks for understanding.  

By nature I'm not a name dropper but today I want to mention a famous person I know: Major Mark Quigley USAF retired. 

You may already know him by several other titles by which I've mentioned him. He's the associate Pastor of Oakland Baptist Church. He was "Vinnie" to my "Eric" in the "Central Park Reunion"sketches we've been doing at church for the last few years.  Most importantly he is a very good friend.

Recently on Veteran's Day, Mark added another  accomplishment to his outstanding resume. He became a TV weatherman.

Because his 20 year military career was spent working as a meteorologist he knows a lot about forecasting the weather. 

This past Tuesday he as part of our local TV station's tribute to military veterans, Mark shared weather report duties during the midday newscast. 

He joined WBKO's weekday forcaster, Chris Allen to present the weather. 

Here are pictures of "Major Mark" being introduced at the start of the WBKO Midday program and then waving to the camera. They are shots I took while watching on my living room TV. 

And here's one more of him and Chris Allen together. 

Mark is very proud of his 20 years in the Air Force, and rightfully so. Today, although it's a couple of days late, I honor him for his service. 

While his appearance on TV was on a rather serious occasion, to me he's at his best when he's being my partner in "comedy crime". As it turns out I usually play "straight man" to his "punchlines" but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

In addition, Paula and I share a wonderful friendship with Mark and his wife, Patty. Over the last few years it's been one of the best blessings Paula and I have been privileged to receive. 

This is the way I usually prefer to see Mark and his bride. Just casual and smiling. 

But on this day I want to once again recognize Mark's service to our country and celebrate his latest 15 minutes of fame. 

Great Job Major Mark. 

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