Friday, November 7, 2014

Latest In Lego 6

Yesterday's post I mentioned that like to I listen to several podcasts. I'd like to start this LIL6 post a nod of appreciation to one of them: Assembly of Geeks. 

At the start of their podcast this week the trio of hosts, Scott, Tricia, and Jeff, talk about Lego. This is something I've been waiting them to do for a while. Because if adult fans of Lego fall into any demographic it's those who are part of the "geek culture". 

Within their discussion they mention some of their favorite licensed sets and the Lego Ideas website that offers visitors to vote for fan-created designs that could potentially become commercially available sets. I really like this podcast and the fact that they talk Lego extensively for the first time was a real plus for me. Here is a link to the podcast. Assembly Of Geeks Talk Lego

Not much in the way of Lego activity for me since the last report 3 weeks ago. I have changed the perpetual calendar from October to November, getting ready for the holiday season. 

This month's calendar is topped with icons that represent Thanksgiving day traditions: a pair of turkeys and a cheerleader. It is also flanked by a couple of bubble pack sets that I got last year. They represent Autumn and Thanksgiving dinner. 

I've completed the assembly of the smaller sets to be used for my expanded Christmas Lego display this year. I am working on the biggest set that is going to be very cool once it's finished and set out to be enjoyed. 

I've already shared the first model I built out of Technic kit 42002, the power digger, in an earlier post but here's a reminder of what it looks like. 

I've now finished the 2nd model from the kit. It's a backhoe that's really a good representation of what the Technic brand is all about. 

But a still picture doesn't show what's unique about this model. Here's a link to a demo video on my RHFactors You Tube Channel. Lego Technic Backhoe Demo Video

Being the Lego fan that I am I always try to keep up with news about what the company will be offering in the future. 

This week the "Blocks & Bricks" blog posted news about some of the new Creator sets scheduled to be released early in 2015. They include kits with models of a dragon, a snake, a parrot, a frog, and a building set featuring a toy and grocery store. In addition there has been some information leaked about the next mini-figure set also to be released sometime during the winter 2015. 

I am interested in all of these sets and have already put them on my Lego want list. 

Up next for me, finishing my Santa's Workshop model and then I'm gonna build a tree house. 

That's the Latest In Lego for now. 

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