Thursday, November 6, 2014

About That New Direction...

At the end of my October 25 post I mentioned that I am going to look toward heading in a new direction in regard to my vocational future. The direction I'm looking toward is "podcasting." 

In case you don't know what a podcast is, let me explain in as simple of terms as possible. A podcast is an audio entertainment program that is available on the internet. It's just another form of content that's available online. You can search through the I-Tunes store or Google for podcast subjects that may interest you. You can download any you may want to listen to. 

There are podcasts devoted to just about any subject you can think of. I listen to about a dozen of them on a regular basis. Most of them are devoted about Walt Disney World but other topics are: self-improvement, stand-up comedy, animation voiceovers, and geek culture. 

Essentially, a podcast is a recording of someone sharing or expressing their opinion or knowledge in a way that entertains or helps the listener.

There are several reasons I am thinking about becoming a podcaster. I have already done something very similar to it. My Rewind programs are essentially podcasts that haven't been uploaded to a server. I share them with friends and family by sending them copies on CD. 

One of my inspirations for looking toward podcasting is Lou Mongello, a podcaster I've been listening to for 7 years and met for the first time this past March. He encourages his listeners to "follow your dream" and "pursue your passion". He's a living example that this can be done. He's taken his passion for Walt Disney World and with hard work has built one of the top brands in the Disney fan community. Although he began by writing a WDW trivia book, his dream really took off when he started his podcast back in 2008. 

There are other podcasters who have inspired me as well. Ricky Brigante, Steve Swanson, and Scott Murray are among them. 

I'm currently trying to educate myself about how to start producing my podcast and am setting a goal of starting my first program at the start of the new year. 

I'll be "dipping my toes in the water" with a podcast to supplement this blog. The RHFactors podcast will expound on the subjects I post about, shine the spotlight on some of my favorite things and interests, and include interviews with people who are influential factors in my life. With it I will be sharing my world with you. Because you are a reader of my blog I will ask you first; Would you listen to this type of podcast? Let me know by either sending me a message on Facebook or emailing me at:

In addition to using the time for my podcasting indoctrination, I am waiting until after the holidays and the start of 2015 to begin the RHFactors podcast because I have a couple of "Rewind" scripts to record. One is the 2013 soundtrack program and the other is my 9th Rewind Christmas show. 

After I feel like I've gotten the podcasting process down with the RHFactors podcast, eventually I will be transitioning from talking about my world to recording about the Smoky Mountain vacation resort area. 

So that's my "new direction" as I head toward the future. Of course there are other areas of my life that could prove to be yet another avenue of vocational success but podcasting is the one I feel is going to be the most rewarding because it's something I'm already doing. 

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