Friday, September 27, 2013

Wacky Packages

Just a quick supplement to my last post in regard to my past purchases of products in blind packs. 

One of the most unique card sets I collected when I was a kid was called "Wacky Packages." They first appeared in 1967 and also included stickers. 

The best way to describe them is that they were parodies of products found at the grocery store but with an artistic style and satirical humor similar to that only found at the time in "MAD" magazine. They were created and sold by the Topps company. The target demographic was kids. 

I was 7 when they first came out. As you can tell from the pictures below they are rather juvenile.   To anyone over the age of 10 they may not be funny but you have to admit they do have a bit of cleverness to them. 

I can remember buying the blind pack for 10 or 15 cents each. Of course I would only buy them if I had money left after purchasing a 2 or 3 day supply of my favorite penny candy. 

But after my parents discovered that I had decided to make the back of my bedroom door and twin bed head board my personal Wacky Packs sticker galleries; I was no longer allowed to buy them. 

Wacky Packages were so popular after their late 60's debut they have been updated and reissued every 3 0r 4 years since. You can still buy them today. 

So there you have another of my "blind pack" buying experiences. I'm sure there were others but after baseball cards,Wacky Packages" was probably my favorite

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