Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My 53rd Birthday Party

In the 10 weeks since my last post a lot of things have happened; some of them were life changing. They include: repurposing a pair of rooms in the house; saying "good-bye" to a very ill dog and a very old cat; getting a new work schedule; and having arthroscopic knee surgery. 

Other events worth mentioning from the last half of summer are: A 4-day visit from my sister, Shari, and her family; a weekend getaway to Pigeon Forge, TN with our two best friends to visit Dollywood for the first time.

I know those are very general but I wanted to tell you about them without getting caught up in catching up that I'm not keeping you informed about what's current with me. The best thing for me to do is keep moving forward. 

With that said let me share the details from my birthday celebration from this past Sunday. 

As a family we celebrate birthdays one of two ways. We either go out to dinner at local restaurant or we get together for dinner at my house. 

On the menu is usually something my wife cooks or, as become a convention with us, steaks cooked on our grill. This is of course followed by cake for desert and opening of birthday gifts. 

For my 53rd birthday, this past Sunday, we decided to do the "at the house" option because of my limited mobility after my knee surgery. 

Our guests were: my sons; their wives; the light of my life, my granddaughter; my sister-in-law, and our friends, Mark and Patty. 

Dinner consisted of my wife's chicken and dumpling, slow cooked pork ribs, carrots, and peas. All were delicious. 

Desert was a choice of yellow cake with strawberry icing or delicious German Chocolate cake (made earlier in the week for me by Patty on my actual birthday, September 9th). 

As always I really enjoy spending time with everyone and this time was no different. Being with those whom I love and I know love me is the greatest blessing in my life. 

But that doesn't get them off the hook for birthday gifts. Here's what I was given this year. 

This Volkswagen Bus Lego Set has been on my "want list" since the first time I saw it. My wife was kind enough to give it to me for my birthday.

The next two pictures are gifts from my sister-in-law. They are a pair of Lego kits and an a 2009 NCAA Woman's Basketball Tournament ticket stub signed by former University of Tennessee coach, Pat Garrett.

Last but not least are the two things Michael and Heather gave me. A 35th anniversary edition of the original "Muppet Movie" on Blu Ray and a $20 gift card to Toys R Us. I plan on buying more Legos. 

Mark and Patty a Lego Mini-Figure of New York Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter while we were on our trip to Dollywood. 

What I got from James and Brandi is a promise that in the near future I will get a gift that I'll really like. I can't wait to see it. 

So there you have a report on my 53rd birthday party. The first post of the new RH Factors 2013 fall season.  I'm still recuperating from my surgery so I got lots of time to write. Keep checking back for more.

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