Friday, September 20, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

There are good days and there are bad days. If over the course of a calendar year I have at least a month's worth of good days (30 or more) and less than a month's worth of bad days it's been a good year. 

No, there is no spread sheet where I keep track of the good and bad days. (although I don't blame you for thinking there is) I just tally them from memory.

This past Wednesday, September 18, was one for the "good days" list. Here's why: 

The day started out with an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. My stitches were removed, got a prescription for some physical therapy sessions, and I got the doctor's approval to return to work a month earlier than initially thought. 

The other great thing about going to the doctor was that my daughter-in-law, Brandi and granddaughter,Aria gave me a ride. After the appointment, we went to IHOP for breakfast. 
Aria had fun coloring on the place mat with the crayons the waitress gave her. I found out that the way to my daughter-in-law's heart is through a good breakfast; her favorite meal of the day. 

As if that wasn't fun enough before we left Bowling Green we went to Toys R Us. I pushed Aria around in a shopping cart for the first time. 

I bought a Lego set with the gift card I got for my birthday from Michael & Heather. 

We also looked at a battery powered Minnie Mouse themed kiddie car that Brandi wants to get Aria for her next birthday. 

I showed Aria some stuffed animals from the special FAO Schwartz line. She wanted nothing to do with them. When I encouraged her to give the ostrich, owl, or tiger a hug she emphatically shook her head "no" and pushed them away. 

About 11AM Brandi took me home. As a result of taking some pain medication I spent the afternoon watching TV in between naps.

Later that evening, about dinner time, James, Brandi, and Aria came to the house. They had supper for us from Wendy's and a very very big surprise. 

James and Brandi's birthday gift to me (which Brandi had been teasing me about for a few weeks) was a replica of a Lego brick for storing my Lego collection. The lid is completely removable and can be flipped over to reveal a flat surface on the other side to use as an assembly table.

It's painted in my favorite color (a shade of teal. The picture above doesn't display the color exactly). Here's a shot I took that shows the color a bit better.

The box measures 36Lx18Wx11H. Its completely handmade and solidly built. Brandi's cousin, Jackie; Brandi, James, and even Aria all had a part in making it. Here's some pictures from Brandi's Facebook page that shows some of the way my granddaughter helped. 


But wait, there's more! On the bottom of the inside of the box is another aspect of this gift that makes it, not only priceless, but a future family heirloom. It's a very special contribution by my granddaughter...

Aria's hand prints and the year the box was made.

They also gave me some Lego bubble pack sets to put together. 

I have never ever been given something so unique as my Lego box. Knowing the work my family put into this project makes it very special.

I must tell you. When I saw this gift for the first time as James was bringing it into the house, I got really emotional inside but did my best to hold back my "close to tears" reaction and turned it into surprise and amazement. 

When I saw Aria's hand prints inside I nearly lost it again. I wanted to hug all of them but knew I wouldn't be able to "hold it together" if I did. 

We spent the rest of the evening with our children and granddaughter. We even made it more of a birthday celebration by having brownies and vanilla ice cream for desert. 

About 9:30PM they had leave because James had to go to work. I thanked them again for my special present.

So there you have the multiple reasons that I consider September 18, a very good day. 

James and Brandi and Aria were a significant part of the good day I had on my actual birthday, September 9th. 

They blessed me again a little over a week later with another very very good day. 

Thank you again. James, Brandi, and Aria. I Love Y'all very much. 

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