Thursday, January 31, 2013

Too Close For Comfort

In Smiths Grove this past Tuesday night something I knew was possible but never thought would ever happen, did. 

Although as of this post it hasn't been officially confirmed by the National Weather Service, from all the evidence and witnesses, a small tornado came through the eastern part of town.

Don't worry it was a mile from our house and we felt no effects or damage.

The suspected cyclone traveled a north western path starting east of I-65 and caused significant damage to quite a few properties. Several of them are part of my every day life here in my small little town. 

The most damage occurred on the farm of a local family own who own a small flower and plant store. Their barns were totally destroyed. 

The back right corner of the IGA grocery store was taken out. Across the street a plate glass window of a tax accounting office (our friend, Gail works there) was shattered. 

In the same building the door of the dentist office run by our friends, Mary and Deon, was damaged by a piece of wood blown from the IGA building. 

As far as I know the vet's office where I take the dogs had no damage. 

Although it wasn't directly in the tornado's path, the Bryce Motel, where my family from Pennsylvania stays when they come to visit, had some roof damage. It's nothing major but was enough to close the hotel.  

These places are so familiar to me and the idea that they were hit by a small tornado is very disturbing. 

If you live in the part of the country where I do the possibility of a tornado coming through your neighborhood exists with every sever weather system that comes through the area. 

But up until last night, they always happened far enough way to be relatively nonthreatening. Now the next time a tornado watch or warning is issued for where I live I guarantee I won't dismiss them so easily. 

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