Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving Forward & The Interactive Baby

Well the first week of the new year has flown by. Like a lot of people I am taking a second look at my list of 2013 goals and have started deciding what I have to do to meet all of them. 

Of course, I know that I will probably not accomplish them all but I want to be able to cross off most of them. I want to do better than I did in 2012. If you look back at my January 9, 2012 post you'll see my list for last year. 

I can only honestly claim that I reached just two of those goals. But there were several "road blocks" and changes in circumstances that kept me from accomplishing more of them. Then there were others that I just our right never worked toward. 

But having said that it's time to put into play one of Walt Disney's most popular sayings (it's quoted almost every week by Lou Mongello host of a podcast I listen to, WDW Radio). That Disney quot is "Keep Moving Forward". 

For me that means focusing on both a daily, weekly, and long range list of goals. I mean a literal list. I've always been a list person. Lists help me stay on track and see evidence of my accomplishments.   

So its time to get going. I'm putting it into "drive", hitting the gas and moving forward. 

The Interactive Baby: 
Although she has no idea she's doing it, there's special person in my life who is showing me how moving forward means growth. Here's a picture of me with my inspiration.

Over the last quarter of 2012 my granddaughter, Aria Nicole, grew and changed just about every day. Fueled by a change from just formula from a bottle to eating baby food her mind has developed a curiosity and wonder about the world around her. 

Her muscles are almost strong enough to allow her to move about on her own (she is in the initial stages of crawling) and she stands with mommy or daddy just holding onto her hands.  

This awareness of her surroundings has made her want to move and explore it all. She doesn't want to stay in one place or concentrate on any one thing for very long. 

This means that, as her Papa, my approach to spending time with my "pretty baby" has to change. No longer can I just sit her on my lap and keep her attention by just singing to her. 

Oh she still lights up with her biggest smile when I sing the "baby toes" song, but she now wants something to occupy her other senses as well. 

So this means I may now have to make sure that I have plenty of toys and other things to entertain her when I hold her. Or by getting down on the floor and playing with her and her "friends". 

She has become interactive. Not only does that give me a license to start playing like a kid again. It also means I can start introducing her to some of my puppets. I can't wait. 

So there you have my first post for 2013. I will mention one of my goals for this year. I want to post at least 100 times on this blog this year. I know that's an ambitious goal but it's also double the number of posts from last year. 

It means my posts are going to be shorter or that longer posts will be divided up into parts. 

Thanks for coming back and reading my blog. I hope to do my best to share more of my life with you this year.

Although, as you may already know, I like to look back but in accordance with my theme for this year I'm going to do my best to keep moving forward. 

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