Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dory's Special Day

Nine Years ago today I did something that I was extremely apprehensive about doing at the time. As it turns out it's one of the best decisions I've made since my move to Kentucky. 

On January 31, 2004, after James and Paula has spent a couple of weeks trying to convince me, our family adopted a beagle/hound mix dog from the local animal shelter. 

She was a stray dropped off at the Bowling Green Humane Society after she was found wandering along  interstate 65 by a woman from Connecticut, who was passing through the area. 

Her shelter name was "Queenie" but we wanted to change that. I guess as a means of having me "buy into" the idea of being a dog owner, my family allowed me to name our new pet. 

It was 2 weeks after we had gotten back from my dream vacation in Walt Disney World. So with Disney still fresh in my mind I decided that the pup's new name would be "Dory."

Although she was not a puppy, according to the vet at the shelter, she was less than a year old. After being on her own for who knows how long she was a bit under weight. Here's what she looked like the day we brought her to her "forever home". 

Initially, Dory wasn't too keen on the idea of being "held captive" in our house and backyard. She almost immediately began trying to escape under the fence. Eventually, though she decided she like the comforts of our home. 

Soon she was eating and sleeping well. A year later she was happy and healthy. Here's my favorite picture of her taken in 2005. 

It's now been 9 years and life with Dory has been terrific  She's a well kept pup with a doggie sister named "Angel". 

Dory loves her crate, her pillow in the living room, her dinner, snacks, and especially her walks. 

Now considered an older dog, Dory is as happy and healthy as she has ever been. 

Like all of us over the last 10 year, Dory has aged a bit but there's still a spark in her eyes. As you can see she's gotten a little gray in the muzzle but she's the doggie sweetheart of my life.

 Everybody loves Dory, especially the "leader of her pack", me. She has made as much of a difference in my life as I have in hers. 

This morning I gave her a special treat for her special day. It was a cupcake shaped treat made especially made for dogs. 

Dory is one of the richest most treasured blessings I've ever had come into my life. I love my Dory with all my heart and I don't care who knows. 

Happy Adoption Day Dory. 

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