Saturday, January 26, 2013

Follow The "Plastic Brick" Road-Part 2

Shortly after getting back from Chicago where I went to a Lego store for the first time in 8 years I bought my first Lego kit. 

As I mentioned in part 1 it was a replica of the Willis Tower we visited in Chicago. I had never put a Lego kit together before so I was a little intimidated.

I opened the package and placed all 69 pieces out on a table.  

Once I got started on my Willis Tower, it turned out to be really simple. In just a few minutes I was finished. 

I was so proud. I had made my own souvenir. The action of following the illustrated plans to organize the pieces into a model of the Chicago landmark. I felt a sense of accomplishment. I was hooked. 

Which Lego Architecture kit was next for me? The Seattle Space Needle? Empire State Building? Perhaps the White House?  

On a trip to Toys R Us (I forget the real reason I was there) I went into the Lego aisle and saw something that I really liked: Disney characters. That's right there were kits that let you build Matchbox sized versions of Lightening McQueen and Mater from Pixar's Cars. 

It was fun putting them together. I didn't take a picture of the pair I built but here's one I found on a website. 

They are such a great addition to my Disney collection. 

I really liked putting kits together but I also decided that I'd like a set of Legos that would allow me to just build whatever comes to mind; my own creations. Something I really liked doing with the set of plastic building bricks I had when I was a kid. 

Then in early August (ridiculously early if you ask me) my local Sam's Club store set up an aisle with toys for Christmas. There were a couple of Lego play sets among the selections. I decided it was time to get one for myself. 

I took it home and set it on a shelf in my bedroom. Waiting for when I had the time to just sit and enjoy my new hobby. As it turned out I wouldn't find the time until a couple of months later. 

Meanwhile I was searching for my next Lego model kit. But acquiring this one would take some time. 

The kit was a set of replicas of 3 vehicles used in the U.S. Apollo space program in the 60's & 70's. It was no longer available in stores but could purchased on Ebay for the right price. 

More on that getting that kit and the conclusion of my series about my journey along the "Plastic Brick" road.   


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