Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My "72 Hour Notice"

Back on March 20 when I started my 6 week layoff from work I thought I would be going back to work this past Sunday, May 1. On April 20 I received a call from the Human Resources department and was advised that my layoff had been extended for an additional 6 weeks. I was now scheduled to return to work on June 11.

But then I got some confusing messages. I saw on TV and read in the newspaper that the call center was looking to hire 2nd shift employees. I couldn't figure out why they were hiring but extending the leave of an employee with over 2 years experience.

Trying hard not to stress or worry about the situation I set my sights on just enjoying having the month of May off. Then on Monday I received a voice message on my cell phone. Once again it was someone at the HR department. The message advised that I was being called back to work.

One of the guidelines given to us in March was that we could be called back to work at any time. However the company would be courteous enough to give us 72-hour notification. In compliance with that provision I am scheduled to return to work on Saturday May 7. I will be working my same schedule which means Saturday through Wednesday with Thursday and Friday off.

I'm okay with going back to work. The way the economy is these days I'm grateful for a full time job.  It will mean a return to getting a full paycheck again. That will be good for our budget. But it could effect the vacation Paula and I were planning for the end of the month. Also I will be going back to working on Sundays. This means I can't attend or participate in any church activities. That bothers me most of all. But it is what it is.

So after today I have 3 days of my layoff left. Life takes strange turns when you don't expect them. That's what keeps things interesting. I have to remember God is in control. There must be a reason for the early return. I'll just have to be open to find out what it is.

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