Monday, May 9, 2011

From "Citizen Cane" To "8 Mile Man!"


Last Saturday night during a family get together to celebrate his birthday my brother-in-law, Woody (Paula's half brother) pointed something out to me that I hadn't realized.

After seeing my status updates on Facebook last week he commented, "Ron, you've gone from walking with a cane to riding 8 miles on your bike."

His comment was a very kind comment on what God has done in my life. I had only thought about progressing from walking for exercise to riding my bike. I hadn't thought about how far I've come since I started my weight loss effort and what my life was like when I  had to use a cane.

It's been over a year since I stopped using it. I had pushed the memory of its use into the back of my mind. Woody's remark got me thinking about it again.

Nothing brings back reality into the forefront than looking at pictures. I found a picture of me standing in front of Chicago's Wrigley Field back in July 2008. I put it side by side with one of me on my bike just last week.

If seeing is believing you can see how far I really have come. I'm 180 pounds less from one picture to the other. What a difference 2 years makes. God has worked nothing short of a miracle in my life and I am grateful to Him for all He has helped me to accomplish.

I am not what I should or want to be with my weight loss yet but the difference so far cannot be ignored. As a matter of fact looking at these pictures it can be nothing but appreciated.

I would have even thought to make the photographic comparison if it hadn't been for the kind comment made by my brother-in-law. Thanks Woody. We might have been spending the evening celebrating your birthday but it was you who gave me an unexpected present: The gift of perspective.

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