Monday, May 9, 2011

Bark At The Park


 This past Sunday, for the 2nd time in 3 weeks I had a "doggie & daddy" day with Dory. This time we attended the Bowling Green Hot Rods "Bark At The Park" game.

Riding with Dory in the car is a lot of fun. She loves to sit next to me and look out the windows. Walking with her a cross the parking lot after parking a block away (in the free parking area) having made that walk so many times by myself these past couple of seasons was the start of the fun.

Inside the park things didn't start out to well. I had some ticket and seating difficulties but it all worked out so I won't go into details here. I will say that amid my problems getting through the gate and finding a seat, Dory got a bit nervous and decided to answer's nature call right in the middle of the concourse. While I was cleaning it up I absentmindedly let go of Dory's leash. She wandered away from me. A young girl grabbed her leash and held on. When I discovered my mistake I panicked and quickly looked around to find my pup just a few feet away. I thanked the girl and took Dory back.

Once we found our seat down the 3rd baseline we settled in to watch the game. We shared a hot dog and stood for the national anthem. Dory didn't allow me to sit idle very long. Just like the 5K a couple of weeks ago she was interested in the other dogs at first but then became more interested in her surroundings. She wanted to walk and explore the park. We walked down the left field concourse with Dory sniffing all the way. She touched noses or said "hello" to other dogs every once in a while. Mostly all she wanted discover her new surroundings.

I took her to the designated doggie area behind the batter's eye just outside the center field fence. We took some time to take some pictures (the center and right hand picture at the top) then came back to our seats for a few minutes. Dory made friends with a little black Yorkypoo next to us. But mostly she just wanted to rest before insisting on getting up to explore again.

Soon we were walking to get a drink at one of the large water dishes set up in the park. She lapped up the refreshing liquid and insisted on putting her right front paw in the dish large plastic storage container that served as a water dish. I don't have any idea why.

For the rest of the afternoon Dory decided that she was going to take periodic walks around the park. I got to watch a lot of the game but missed the Hot Rods scoring the runs that would eventually be the winning margin.  They won the game 5-2.

Before we left we had our picture taken with the Hot Rods' "grease monkey", Roscoe (see first picture). The team mascot's alter ego is the son of one of Paula's co-workers/long time friends. It was cool to get have him pose with us.

Overall we had a good time. Dory really enjoys getting out, meeting other dogs and discovering new places. I may consider taking her to the Humane Society's Puppy Paddle in September. I know she won't go swimming but she'll enjoy the day out.

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