Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pop Century Discovery

Now from the title and picture above you may think that this post should be on my Goofy Guy Off World Disney blog. But this post is a supplement to my March 8th, Show N' Tell Programs post.

While looking through the pictures I took on my Disney World vacation last September I discovered a shot I didn't realize I'd taken.

The lobby of the Pop Century resort, where we stayed, has on it's walls a lot of shadow boxes filled with pop culture items from the 50's through the 90's. Each box has a theme like television, top 40 music, hobbies and more.

The shadow box dedicated to a combination of the Mickey Mouse Club and Disneyland contains a copy of a Disney's Cinderella Show N' Tell program. It's at the bottom left hand side of the display.

Now I didn't own a Cinderella program but I do remember having one about Disney's Lady & The Tramp. I knew the popular dog tale from watching it on the Show N' Tell before I ever saw the movie.

It was a pleasant surprise to find two of my favorite things, Disney and the Show N' Tell, intersecting in the display that pays homage to a part of the era of pop culture I love.

Just thought I'd show you my Pop Century Discovery.

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