Saturday, March 12, 2011

Instant Entertainment

Every once in a while a technology comes along that changes the way you enjoy things in life. The GPS changed the way I navigate on a long road trip. Facebook changed the way I communicate with family and friends. The DVR in our cable box changed the way we watched TV. The latest technological discovery in my house is instant video streaming of movies directly to our TV. This is done through NetFlix.

This is not Netflix first game changing service. The idea of choosing DVDs to rent over the Internet and having them delivered through the mail revolutionized the video rental industry. The "no late fee" aspect of the relatively inexpensive service also set a new standard in home movie rentals. 

A couple of weeks ago we downloaded Netflix software to our Wii game system. It gives us instant access to movies and TV shows. We've watched several movies but have really taken advantage of the availability of TV shows.

I've caught up on the show American Dad. I watched the entire 4th season. But my use of streaming video pales in comparison to Paula's.

Because she's at home on medical leave my wife has alot of time to watch TV. She's discovered the Fox TV series, Bones starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. Over the last month she's watched 5 seasons. All by streaming them to our TV through Netflix. She really likes the show. I've enjoyed myself. We also have a lot of other movies and shows in our instant queue as well.

Netflix instant access technology has changed the way we watch TV shows and  movies at our house. I'm sure as more of the movies we never got to see at the theater come out on DVD we'll watch them instantly. It will save us lots of $$ in rentals. Sometimes technology is wonderful. Thanks Netflix.

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