Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Projects and Pursuit

Welcome back to my RH Factors blog. It's been nearly 5 months since my last post. I could go on a detailed explanation as to why I have been away from the keyboard for so long but l want to try and stay focused. Let's just say I'm just grateful that I now have the time and opportunity to start writing again. 

As of this week, I have made a major change in my life. I have gone from collecting a paycheck to working on some of the other important things in my life. 

Paula's continued excellent performance at her job and devotion to her career path has advanced her to a place where, as a married couple, we can procure a support system that we both benefit from and improves our lives.  

As of now, my job is to take care of things we hardly had time for when we were both putting in 10/11 hour days at our jobs.

This not only means doing the day-to-day tasks but also finally getting our home improvement projects finished. This includes cleaning up the clutter, organizing rooms, and supervising the repairs and remodeling that needs to be done.  

It also allows me to start paying a little more attention to my health. No,I'm not experiencing any major issues; just the things that come along with getting older. Things that need to be taken care of and addressed.  

Another thing this change allows me to do is explore some of the non-traditional vocations that I'm interested in pursuing. In other words, doing things I enjoy as a hobby that have the potential for bringing in some additional income. 

These are things that require some creativity and mostly involve doing things online and in entertainment. But I will be writing more about them as I work on and develop them.

There are other changes coming in our lives that right now I can't write about because they are not yet fully in place. But they promise to be very exciting and will add yet another facet to the jewel that is the life for which I am extremely grateful. 

So as Paula and I start this new chapter our lives, I truly believe and have faith that the best is yet to come. Part of it will mean blogging more often. 

This means sharing details of "every day life" here RH Factors blog and posting about other things on some other blogs. Keep looking for my posts on Facebook (if you are not already friends with me just send a request) or follow me on Twitter (@RHFactors909) where I will alerting you about where to go for details and share in this journey with me. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I really appreciate it. Gotta go now. It's time to go get things done. 

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