Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Focused Factor

Yesterday I posted a name change and the reasons for it on my Disney based blog, 

As mentioned there the changes in my online presence are the initial steps in "moving forward" toward what I've wanted to do on the internet for a while now. 

That brings me to the changes on this blog. Well, perhaps "change" is not quite the right word. That word would be "focus". 

I'm going to narrow the beam and start using this blog to write exclusively about the things that have to do with every day life. This will be the place where I will share: news and happenings that involve family and friends, places I go, things I experience, lessons I learn and growth in my faith.   

RH Factors blog will return to what it was originally intended to be; a means of sharing my appreciation for life and staying in contact with the family and friends I don't see or talk to everyday. 

Here are some examples of what you will reading about moving forward: what I did with my grandchildren over the weekend, my most recent road trip, things I love about my ole' Kentucky home town and more. 

The real change you'll notice will be what I'm not posting about here. But don't worry those subjects aren't gone, they will just show up in another place very soon. 

So let's call this RH Factors 2.0, unofficially of course. Check back again soon for my first post written under this change. 

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