Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aria's Got A Secret

After a couple of weeks staying true to a promise to keep it under wraps, I finally am able to share some great news.  

Now it's not "breaking news" because it's already been revealed on Facebook by some family members. But I feel like I have to announce it on my blog too. 

I'm not going to just come right out and announce it. I'm going to let a couple of pictures of my granddaughter give you a hint. 

That's right!! My son and daughter-in-law are going to be parents again. That means Paula and I are going to be a "Nana & Papa" again too. 

Brandi is due at the end of October which means she's about 2 months along. She is having a pretty tough time with nausea just like she did with Aria. Any and all prayers for her improvement and overall health would be appreciated.   

They told us the good news back at the start of the month when we first arrived in Florida for our Disney World vacation. I was glad they did.

As physically demanding as a tour of Disney can be it was important that we were able to be considerate of her condition while we were in Orlando. Some things take priority over Disney.

Anyway, they asked us to keep their secret until Brandi had her first doctor appointment, which was last week. Now the whole world can know. 

So, now we can now look forward to holding another grandchild. It's going to be a wonderful blessing.  

My prayer for my relationship with my new grandson or granddaughter is to be around long enough to a part of their life and to make sure he or she remembers me with fondness and love.  

Now if I'm not mistaken, doesn't this means another trip to the Magic Kingdom around the end of 2020? :)

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