Thursday, January 29, 2015

First Items Ready To Go

The month of January 2015 is close to being history. I haven't exactly burned up the blogosphere with posts so far this year. The lack of content on this blog lately is a combination of a couple of things. 

I am busy working on my initial goals for the year and I haven't really had anything I feel is interesting enough to blog about. But I'm hoping that changes soon. 

Nevertheless it's time for another post and I hope it is at least a little interesting for you and profitable for me. 

Last weekend the sorting and "downsizing" of my personal possessions began. I now have some of the things I've decided to part with that are up for sale. 

These first items are my way of passing on the extra time I have on my hands. They are all watches.  

The first is a limited edition watch commemorating the 100th anniversary of the New York Yankees baseball team back in 2003. 

It comes in a round tin that's 4 inches in diameter. The watch fits in the foam filler. 
The face of the watch 1 1/2 inch in diameter and has the 100th anniversary logo on it. The strap is brown and 9 inches in length. 
The watch has been worn but not very often. I can't really remember the last time I wore it. It's still in "like new" condition. This is a great addition to the collection of any Yankees fan. It does need a battery. I am asking $25 for it. 

This next watch is probably going to be the one that gets the most interest. That's because it's features Disney's #1 icon. 

This classic Mickey Mouse comes with it's own decorative tin. It features the likeness of the "original" Mickey that started it all. Its just the right size for kids and adults as well. 

The face is round but the watch case is 1 1/2 inches square. 
The hands illuminate in the dark. It needs a battery. The strap is 8 inches in length and is decorated with an alternating colored diamond pattern on the inside. You can see it in this picture.  

 Although it's used, I have only worn it less than a dozen times in the last 10 years. I'm asking $30 for it. If you are a Disney fan or know anyone who is this would be a great gift. 

This third watch is has a very whimsical look but it's a very serious watch. It is a Stuhrling Original brand. 
The face of this watch has multicolored numbers. It has a very unique look. I have never seen another one like it. The watch case is 2 inches high and 1 1/4 inches wide. It weighs 3oz, which is above average weight for a watch. The strap is 9 1/2 inches long. When you have it on you will definitely know you are wearing a solid watch. 

I bought this watch while I was still working at ShopNBC back in 2012. I thought it was a great accessory to wear when I performed ventriloquism. I kept forgetting to wear it so it's only been worn 6 or 7 times. It does need a battery.  

It comes in it's original box with all the documents and a cleaning cloth. It's quite a conversation piece. I am asking $45 for it.

So there you have the three watches I want to sell. If you want any of them or have questions email me at If you are a Facebook friend you can send me a PM. If you follow me on Twitter (@RHFactors909) you can tweet me. 

I will sell each of these watches to the first person who tells me they want them. I will go by the time stamp on the means used to contact me. If you live close to me I will make arrangements to get the watch to you. If you need to have it mailed to you that will be an additional cost depending on the shipping charges. I will let you know that cost before we complete the transaction. 

I know I have never posted for this type of thing before. But as I sort through some of my things to "downsize" this year I will be using this blog and other forms of social media to get the word out about what I have to offer. 

Keep checking back. Maybe you'll find something you can't live without. 

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