Saturday, January 24, 2015

Train Trap

Just a short post today to share with you a unique experience I don't think ever happened to me before this past Thursday. 

Let me remind you that I am currently working as a driver that for a private company that transports Medicare & Medicaid patients. 

While transporting a client from her home just south of Bowling Green on Thursday, I crossed a set of railroad tracks and headed toward another. As I did the warning gates came down and I heard the horn of the approaching diesel engine. 

As the train passed in front of me I thought about turning around and going the other direction. But that was impossible because a train was now crossing behind me as well. 

I was stuck on an island bordered by two streams of railroad cars. They were both very long trains. 

Here's a picture of a graffiti covered hopper car that was in front of me and a box car from the train behind me in the sideview mirror. 

I also took this short video to show the motion of the two trains. The music playing has no significance; just happened to be on the radio at the time. 

After that video was shot the train in front of us stopped. It sat idle for about 2 minutes. Then the cars that took 10 minutes to go by us started going backwards. 

Ten minutes later the engine paraded past us, the warning lights went off, and the gates came up. We were "free at last."

I know I may be making a big deal out of something that was not all that uncommon. But it's the first time in all my 54+ years that it's happened to me. 

I just had to share it with you. What are your experiences with being blocked or delayed by a train? Let me know. 

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