Thursday, June 26, 2014

Holes In The Walls

These four cut outs in our walls are the latest additions to our home. No, we didn't have box cutter wielding maniac with an obsession for creating geometric shapes in walls go on a rampage through our house. 
They are there because we finally had the electric heaters that were in them removed. Wayne Rector, an electrician who goes to our church, took them out yesterday. 

The heaters were already in the walls when Paula and her family moved in back in 1995. They were already inoperable at the time. Since then they have not been anything but eyesores and dust catchers. 

After many years of putting off getting them removed, the fact they are finally gone is a big step in our home improvement project.
The hole in the bathroom (above) will be built into a storage cabinet. The other 3 holes will be patched with drywall and eventually repainted along with each of their respective rooms. 
It's interesting to look at the borders of the holes and see the contrast between the colors the rooms used to be and what they are now. 

The next thing to be done is to put up some cardboard temporarily to keep bugs or mice from getting in until I can find someone to come in and dry wall the holes so we can repaint the rooms. 

If anyone reading this who is from the Smiths Grove / Bowling Green area knows of a reliable and reasonably priced handyman let me know. I'd appreciate it. 

So unlike the one I put in the kitchen wall of my first apartment in Kentucky after throwing a couple of frozen hamburgers across the room because I couldn't get them apart, I am proud of these 4 holes in the wall. 

It may seem like its a weird thing to be excited about but, just like the conversion of the flower beds in front of our house to a rock garden last year...

...its an important step for us. I'll keep you up to date on the progress of our home improvements as they happen.   

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