Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hey, What's Going On In Lego Land?

Blogger's Note: Just wanted to mention that yesterday's post was a milestone for me in this way. It was the 154th post of this calendar year. That means that 2014 now ranks second in regard to most posts in a year. The most in one year was 170 in 2009, the first full year of "RHFactors." That means that some time in July I should set an all time yearly record for published blog posts. Thanks for taking the time to read the silliness I write. It may not be Pulitzer Prize winning work but it keeps me off the streets.-Ron

Remember how much I used to post about Lego? Haven't done much for a while, have I? I may even have some of the few who read this blog regularly wondering, "What's going on in Ron's Lego land." 

Well, I have had been active in the land of Lego over the last couple of month but have not been building much. I had another issue with missing pieces in the "Aviation Adventures."

I had to call Lego customer service again to order more parts I didn't get in the set. Once again the CSR was kind enough to send them to me at no charge. 

Since I still didn't have all the pieces for it I put the incomplete set away until I could build it completely. 

Since my May 1 trip on the release date of the Simpsons minifigures, I have made two stops at the Lego store in Nashville. One of those stops was on the way back from Atlanta in the middle of May, and the other was with Paula on our way back from our vacation in the Smoky Mountains a couple of weeks ago.

A lot of Lego related things have happened over the last week. On June 18 I received my "Everything Is Awesome" edition of the Lego Movie.  

This package included the blu-ray, 3D blu-ray, DVD, and digital copies of the movie. The other reasons I preordered this package from Amazon is the bonuses. 

While this picture looks a lot like the front of the package it is actually a small stand alone 3D portrait of the movie's lead character,Emmit. 

Then there's my favorite part of the package. 

It's a mini-figure of Virtruvius, the wizard character from the movie. I consider this the 17th member of mini-figure Series 11 which featured other characters from the movie. 

The only thing I don't like about the Virtruvius minifig is that it's not exactly like the one that's in most of the movie. His eyes are not the same. In most of the movie the figure's eyes are just white circles to make him look like he's blind. 

The special edition of character is the one that's at the beginning of the movie. So it's not the Virtruvius figure you see throughout most of the movie figure but at least it's a version of the character.  

Paula and I watched the Lego Movie on the night I got it in the mail. It was cool to see it from her point of view being that she only into Lego by association. I got to point out and explain some things to her. 

I also had the advantage, this being my 3rd time seeing it, of looking around at the peripherals in each scene; picking up on stuff I missed the first two times. 

As of the writing of this post I have yet to watch the bonus features but I'm looking forward to them. According to the online reviews I've read they are pretty good. 

The other new mini-figure I have gotten this week is one sold at the local minor league ballpark. It's an Oyo baseball figure wearing a Bowling Green Hot Rods uniform. 
The coolest thing about this figure is something not shown in the picture. The player's uniform # is 14; one of my favorite numbers when it comes to baseball. 

Well, now I'm up to the one thing that I consider the apex of my Lego building accomplishments so far. It is a model that I ended up building twice because it fell apart the first time I built it. 

I just finished the second build a couple of days ago. It took me about 5 months to finish it this time. Not because it was hard. The 115 steps required a lot of concentration and focus to put together. The design is so tight and precise that if you don't build them and put them together exact the model won't stay together. 

So in order to work on the model I had to be able to sit down and concentrate as having to lay out all the pieces in a well light work area. All those elements only came together about once or twice a week over the last few months. 

But enough about the process, here are the results.

I have made a video with the "nickel tour" of the details of this magnificent model. The Lego company really hit it out of the park with this one. I am proud to have built it. Here's the link to the latest "My Point Of Vue" video on You Tube featuring this VW Van.

My Point Of Vue: Lego Volkswagen Van Edition

So there you have an update on what's going on in Ron's personal Lego Land. Now that I'm back into building on a more regular basis I will be starting up my "This Week In Lego" reports again soon. 

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