Saturday, May 24, 2014

Random Stuff From My Week

Nothing specific to write about today. Just wanted to make sure I published something before midnight. So here's a bunch of unconnected stuff that filled this past week for me. 

On Monday I received the Lego pieces I had ordered from their customer service department a few weeks ago after a bunch of them were missing from my Aviation Adventures kit. 

On Wednesday I tried to bake a chocolate cake and failed miserably. I think I had the oven temperature too high. 
As you can see the top of the cake is slightly burned while the middle is sunk in because it wasn't finished baking. 

I've made quite a few cakes in that oven but this is the first time I've had a problem. It may be time to replace the oven.  

The cake was supposed to be for my daughter-in-law's birthday. So on Thursday, her birthday, I went to a local bakery and got a pair of cupcakes and took them to Brandi. 

I have a personal belief that everyone should have cake on their birthday. So I do my best to see that each of my family members get some kind of cake on their special days. 

After I delivered the birthday cupcakes I got to visit with Brandi and Aria for a while. Aria was playing with a hat. I had her pose for a picture wearing it. I thought this shot looked rather cute and stylish. I sent it to Paula in a text. 

The three of us counted the money in Aria's piggy bank and played by spinning the coins on the floor for a while. 

Then Aria showed me how she can play the alphabet puzzle game on her mommy's Ipad. She really likes it and is pretty good at it. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dog person. I love dogs of just about any shape and size with few exceptions. In general dogs usually like me. 

This past week I went to our church office to meet with my friend and associate pastor, Mark. The church secretary, Alice, was "puppy sitting" for the dog of a church member and had the dog at the office. She ( the dog not Alice) was a toy Yorkshire terrier puppy named "Lucy." As you can see she is a cutie. 

The first time I went to the office early in the week she was there. As soon as I walked in with a black canvas bag and my ukulele case in my hands she communicated very clearly that she did not like me at all. She barked and ran away from me all the while I was there. I was really bothered by her reaction to me. The consensus of Mark, Alice and I was that it was the black bag and uke case that scared her.  

On Friday I went back to the office and Lucy was there again. 
This time I wasn't carrying the black canvas bag I had with me the first time Lucy met me. 

I was redeemed when she decided that this time she would be my friend. She let me pet her and feed her treats. She is so adorable. 

This afternoon Paula and I went to the movies to see the new Godzilla movie. I'll be posting my thoughts about the movie in a future post.

On the way into the theater I saw this stand up and thought it was amusing. Don't know why but I did. 

One final thing in this collection of randomness. Today, while talking with Paula she mentioned something that might be important to this blog. She said that if I don't include a working link on Facebook when I announce a new blog post, she doesn't take the time to bring up the blog to read the post. 

So from now on I will be including a working link with every announcement. I need to make it as easy for my readers as possible. 

There you have some of the events of my week and pictures to go with them.  

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