Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brush Burning

About six weeks ago I had a local landscaping service clear out the overgrown area in back of our property, outside our chain link fence. 

I had them put the branches that they cut off the trees on the cement pad, that used to be the boy's basketball court, just inside the fence's back gate. 

Those branches along with some others that I cut from the bushes near the back of our house pretty much covered up the paved area.

Since then my personal "To Do" list has included burning the brush in my back yard. But it wasn't until late yesterday afternoon that did it. Or at least I got it started. 

Here's a short video of some of my effort. 

I fed the fire for about 30 minutes. As I sat in my lawn chair watching it burn the sky changed from twilight to the darkness of night. I heard an owl hooting in the distance. It was very relaxing. 

When I was finished burning for the night I waited for the fire to die down. Stirring the ashes a couple of times reignited flames that took care of any remaining branches. 

I then thoroughly soaked the pile of embers with water from the hose. I have to be more than make sure the fire's out for my own peace of mind.  

A couple of months ago I wrote two posts about things that I wouldn't have ever done if I hadn't moved to Kentucky. Well, here's another one of them. 

The places I lived in back in Pennsylvania and New Jersey were urban areas. You couldn't have open fires within the city limits. 

So for an old northern city dweller like me, what is probably a chore for most farmers in the south, was fun. 

With the amount of wood to burn will take a few evenings of setting the basketball court (or at least a small area of it) ablaze again. 

One of those times I'm going to take the hot dogs I have in the fridge and have me an old fashioned weenie roast. Anyone want to bring the marshmellows? 

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