Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm A Goofy Guy

I know many of you reading this would probably a agree with the title of this post. But I'm not referring to my behavior or personality by stating that I'm "goofy". Although I can understand if some would want to use that word as a means of interpreting the way I act sometimes.

But by describing myself with the "g" word I'm referring to an iconic Disney character's behavior, not my own.

If the fans of the "Twilight" series of books and movies can state that they are "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob"; when it comes to the 5most popular Disney characters I'm declaring that I'm "Team Goofy".

I've never been a really big Mickey Mouse fan. I mean don't get me wrong "the mouse" represents all things Disney. He's an international corporate icon. Because of that I'm always interested in all things Mickey. In addition Minnie, Donald, Pluto, and Goofy (who along with Mickey are known by Disney fans as "The Fab 5") are also character icons for Disney. They are the core group of the recognizable Disney characters. But over the last few years Goofy has become my favorite.

This is mainly because I've come to identify with Goofy in several ways. He always seems to approach physical tasks (sports, home repairs, ect.) with enthusiasm but doesn't think things through with disastrous results.

Also as a dad in 1995's "A Goofy Movie" he's considered by his own son as "uncool". Max loves his father but is embarrassed by and doesn't want to be anywhere near him. He considers him...well...a goof.

Sometimes I think that's how my family views me, at least partially. Don't get me wrong they love me but lots of times they are a bit embarrassed by the way I act or things I do and especially by my sense of humor and jokes. So as an amendment to the initial paragraphs of this post. I'll admit it. I am goofy sometimes.

I think the final drop in the bucket that tipped me over to the being a true Goofy fan was getting my picture taken with him and Pluto in Animal Kingdom's Dinoland on my 50th birthday. That was a special moment for me. Oh sure Pluto was there too but this was the REAL Goofy! (see picture above) Forget the fact that I'm wearing a Kermit the Frog t-shirt. In that picture I'm a Goofy Guy.

What does my declaration of being a member of the Goofy fan club mean? It means from now on I'm going to be looking for and collecting Goofy items. Toys, pins, t-shirts, any kind of merchandise that has to do with my favorite idiosyncratic Disney dog, Goofy.

So if you're reading this and sometime in the future the occasion comes up that you want, need or are required to buy me a gift and you want to get something that has to do with Disney. Just remember...I'm a Goofy Guy.

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