Monday, January 10, 2011

Disney Podcast Script Writer

My first "15 minutes of fame" for the year 2011 came by way a pair of my favorite things: writing and a Disney Podcast.

Each week I download to I-Tunes and listen on my Ipod about 6 different podcasts about Disney stuff. One of them is called "Mouse Guest".

This long running Disney Podcast that's tagged every week as "the place where Disney fans get their fix" has been running weekly for more than 5 years. It's hosted by a trio of Disney enthusiasts named: Eric, Cathy and Dan. Their podcast is one of my favorite because they are just regular 30 something working stiffs who simply share their love of Disney World and all things Disney.

I like these hosts and feel so comfortable listening to them that I frequently call their special phoneline and leave a voice mail with my comments or questions for their show. They play them as part of the "listener feedback" portion of their podcast nearly everytime I leave one.

The Mouse Guest podcast for the two weeks over the holidays was a prerecorded 2 part program that included some discussion of music, a lyrics quiz, a Harry Potter quiz and other things both Disney and non Disney related.
On December 30 I wrote a 7 page email in response to the things discussed on the 2-part holiday Mouse Guest podcast for the last 2 weeks of December.

The MG hosts liked my email and the subjects that I wrote so much about that they read nearly every word of it over the course of their first and second shows for 2011. I was honored by the fact that Eric & Dan (Cathy was not on due to illness) thought my opinons and choices for discusson topics were good enough to use on their podcast. Not just for 1 show but for 2.

So I guess you could say that not only do I have a claim to fame as the writer of this blog but I am a podcast script writer, now, as well.

If you are interested in hearing what I wrote about and how Eric & Dan respond to it you can log on to and click on the podcast link. Or you can search for the podcast in the I-Tunes store, subscribe to it then and download and listen to them there.

Most of what I wrote about has to do with Disney but I also included stuff about my TV and music preferences as well. So there you have my first memorable moments of 2011. My debut as a Disney podcast script writer. Thanks Eric & Dan.

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