Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Memories Pt. 1

Happy New Year Everyone. It's 2011 and I've decided that it's time to start posting blog entries again.

Since my favorite time of the year (Christmas) was just last week I thought I'd start off by posting some of the pictures that capture some of the best moments and memories of this year's holiday season. Don't know how many there will be but I promise to make them short and sweet.

Facebook Post Turns Into A Gag Gift

On December 16, 2010 I put up this post on my Facebook page:
"Gotta give the "it seems like a good idea but it still won't work" award to the guy who decided that making it in an army camouflage colors would make guy's decide that it would suddenly be "manly" to wear a Snuggie. What were they thinking? Camouflage or not it's not going to happen. Nice idea try though."

Of course my wife Paula read this post on Facebook. It came to mind while was out shopping one day.

Standing in line at CVS she spotted a camouflage Snuggie. According to Paula it was the last one on the shelf and was "calling to her". She just couldn't resist buying it and giving it to me as a gag gift on Christmas morning.

It really surprised me and I was very amused that my wife had pulled off a very funny joke.

She knew that I would get a laugh out of it but also knew I really would not ever ware it. The Snuggie has been returned but the memory of Paula's Christmas morning gag gift will always be part of my memories from Christmas 2010.

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