Tuesday, July 11, 2017

RHFactors Digest #4

It's only been a couple of weeks since my last digest post but I have enough different things to write about that it's time for another one.

First up are a couple of additions to one of my posts from a couple a weeks ago which was about changes here in "the grove". 
The first change is not within our city limits but it does effect our area. 

After a couple of years of construction, a new exit has been opened on I-65 8 miles south of Smiths Grove. 

The shots of the signs and on ramp were taken while the road was still closed. But last week's ribbon cutting officially opened the new highway between the interstate and the Kentucky Transpark, an industrial zone just a mile or two away on county road 68/80. 

The exit was built to give factory employees and 18 wheelers delivering to the industries within the park, easier access. 

The 2nd additional change is, literally, closer to home. A house is being built just a few yards to the left the back corner of our property. 
Another house near by doesn't really bother us. It's just that from what we've heard this may be the first of a few new buildings in our neighborhood. We really like having an open lot next to us. It helps keep the peace the on our relatively quiet street. The open lots within the area that's bordered by our street and the county highway is zoned residential. Hopefully not all of them will be developed.  

Last weekend my wife and I watched a critically acclaimed autobiographical film from last summer that got Meryl Streep her 20th Oscar nomination. 
Simon Helberg (Howard Walowitz on Big Bang Theory) and Hugh Grant co-star and are very good as well. 

The film is entertaining in and of itself. But I enjoyed it more because I knew some of the history behind the woman it was about. 

If you ever decide to watch Florence Foster Jenkins, I highly recommending watching this report from an August 2016 edition of CBS Sunday Morning before you do. 

July 1st was my darling wife's birthday. I made the day special by taking her to Nashville. The steady downpour of rain made the drive down 65 a bit difficult but we got there just fine. 

Our first stop was the Rita's Italian Ice shop in Nolensville. I had to treat her, it was her birthday. 

Next it was a trek down Old Hickory Blvd to route 100 and Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theater.  

We were there to see the play, Sister Act. 
We have been going to this venue for almost as long as I have lived here in Kentucky. I was a bit skeptical about this visit because over the last couple of years, the quality of the experience, especially the food on the buffet, had diminished. 

But in January of this year, the original owners retired and new ownership took over.

Because we enjoyed "Sister Act" when we saw it on the "big stage" in Louisville a few years ago we went back for this special dinner theater production.

I was pretty optimistic about our return almost from the moment we arrived. We got to park in the ADA spaces just steps from the front door. Then we got to sit on the middle level of the dinning room. Our table had very comfortable seats and a great view of the stage floor. 

Our waiter was a guy named Adam. He's been with the theater as long as we've been going. He's my favorite Chaffin's actor. But on this night he was part of the wait staff. 

The buffet turned out to be much improved. Other than the vegetables, which were rather bland, everything was delicious. 

The play, which included 18 actors, was an amazing production. There were several excellent singers including the woman who is the new co-owner. 

We had a wonderful evening. It would be safe to say that we will be returning to Chaffin's, which is much improved in it's 51st season. 

Now, I can't write about our evening in Nashville without mentioning our drive home.

We left the theater parking lot about 11 o'clock. As we drove onto I-65 from I-40 there was a bumper to bumper traffic back up due to some kind of emergency near the Trinity Lane exit. 

I didn't see exactly what problem was because when we passed by, we were in the lane farthest away from the scene. 

Relieved that we had finally gotten through the backup we saw a flashing message board warning us that just 20 miles up the road the highway was completely closed. 

Not wanting to get stuck again, Paula found us an alternate route, by way of 31W, that allowed us to bypass the section of the highway that was closed and get back on just 50 miles from home. 

We got home about 1 AM. Turns out that the highway was closed due to a fuel tanker spill. I'm glad we took that detour because I know someone who didn't. They got caught up in the backed up traffic and were stuck on the highway for 11 hours. 

In the past I have been to see our local minor league baseball team, the Bowling Green Hot Rods, play plenty of times. But over the last few years I've only been to a game or two at the most. 

I have watched a game from nearly every area of the ballpark. I have even been in the local radio station's broadcast booth for an inning. But there was one place in the stadium I hadn't experienced yet; the stadium suites. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Theresa, I got to do that this past week. 

On the night of July 6, we were in the Houchen's suite #3 on the 2nd level of the ballpark. 

It was a very comfortable air conditioned room with a sink, a small cooler, a table with stools, and a counter with stools windows facing the field. In this picture is our friend from church, Sylvia. 
 The door on the left leads to the seating area. 4 rows of seats gives a great view of the field to about 20 people. On this night the home team was set to take on the Dayton Dragons. 

Here's a shot taken from my seat at the start of the game.
To give you perspective here's a shot of our suite I took while standing on the 3rd base side of the park's concourse. The seats are circled in red. 
Even though a lot of rain came through earlier in the day, it was a great night for a ballgame. The clouds at sunset were beautiful. 

My sister-in-law was the host for the night. In addition to me, in our suite were ladies from her Bible Study group, some friends, and a couple of her neighbors. 

One of the special privileges of being in a suite is that you get a special visit from one of the Hot Rod's mascot, Roscoe. 
The game was relatively short at 2 Hours 25 minutes. There were 20 strikeouts and 11 hits between the two teams. The Hot Rods won 2-1 on a pair of solo homers. 

The evening allowed Theresa to cross something off her personal bucket list. I want to thank her for a very nice return to the BG ballpark. 

A few days after the game, my sister in law got an unexpected addition to her household. I'll have more details on that in a future post soon.

So there you have my 4 "digest" post for this year and my 2nd post of July. 

I wanted to take the time before I wrap things up to mention my progress in reguard to reaching my posting goal for the year. 

With the start of July, 2017 is half over (the "official" halfway point was 12 o'clock on July 2nd). Including this one I have published 46 posts so far this year for a total of 913 since April 2008.  

As stated back in January, I want to reach the 1000 mark by the end of 2017. To do that I have to put up 83 posts between now and December 31st. 

To do that I have to double the pace I've set for the year so far. I think I'm up to the challenge. So get ready to come back twice as often as you have been. Post 1000 is in within striking distance. See you next time everyone.     

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