Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Introducing "Stripes"

Today's post is going to announce an addition to our Kentucky family menagerie.  

At the start of the month, between our 4 family households our "pack of pets" included: a saltwater tank full of fish, 2 cats, and 3 dogs. 

A couple of weeks ago my sister-in-law, Theresa, added another cat to our stable. 

She had a cat named Penny up until a couple of years ago. Penny was a very unique and peculiar kitty who really liked me. 

Unfortunately, Penny crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" due to health issues. 

A couple of months ago Theresa started talking about wanting to have a pet again. This time she was going to get herself a dog. But those plans changed a couple of Saturdays ago. 

Now I am telling this story from memory so I may get some of the details wrong but the spirit of the story is there. 

Theresa was with some friends at their horse barn after having attended a competitive equestrian event. 

While taking care of the horses, they heard a loud squall from within one of the stalls, which was obviously from an animal. 

One of Theresa's friends discovered a small grey tabby kitten struggling to stay afloat in one of the water troughs. 

He fished him out, saving his life. From what I understand no one knew where the cat came from; they could only guess. 

Although I don't remember the exact series of events that led to it,  Theresa decided to bring the rescued kitten home. 

So our family now has a new feline in the lineup. It is my pleasure to introduce you to him. This is Stripes. 

It was about a week after Theresa brought the kitten home that I got the chance to go by and meet him for myself. 
From the moment I picked him up he was purring and friendly. He was very playful too. here's a link to the video I shot. 

Stripes Plays With Shoe Strings

As you can see he's a very loving and playful kitten. No one is sure how old he is but he's pretty young. 

Since we lost our cat, Lil Bit, a few years ago Paula and I have decided that we would not get another cat. 

But I have always told her that if we ever did decide to get another one; I wanted a nice friendly gray tabby cat. That's exactly the type of cat Stripes is. 

Although I've only met him once, it's a good thing that he's already part of our pet family. Because if I had come across him at the local Humane Society facility I don't know if I could have resisted taking him home with me. I guess I'll just have to settle for stopping by to play and visit with him every once in a while. 

Welcome to the family, Stripes. 


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